20 Social Media tools Marketers should use in 2017

Social Media Tools: Social media has eventually made a significant impact on our lives. I don’t have to say separately about the craze of the social media these days because you can see it yourself.

Social media has turned into a marketing world for a lot of marketers. This platform gives the proper command for all marketers to showcase their products for their audience.

As we already entered into 2017, many social media experts are already forecasting the use of social media and its directions at the start of the year.

Frankly, speaking social media has become a goldmine for marketers. It doesn’t matter which social media platform marketers are mostly using.


All marketers look out for all social media platforms just because they see something or the other unique things with different social media platforms.

You can even see new social media platforms every month. So marketers are keen to watch out all social media sites just because of the features and their purposes.

Usually, managing social media platform isn’t an easy task. It is one of the daunting processes when you don’t have quality social media tools with you. If you have perfect tools for you then managing social media accounts is relatively easy.

For social media managers and marketers knowing the right tool and best social media apps can make all the difference between the failed campaign and successful campaign.

Nowadays there are merely many apps readily available on the internet, and along with those, there are still upcoming apps which are being launched every day.

Social Media Tools
Social Media Tools

So, it has been a daunting task for all marketers to know which one is the best tool and which social media apps are worth using. If you are the person, who is keen to know the right toolset for your social media platforms. Then I can help you with that, I’ve compiled a list of best social media tools to create successful campaigns.

You can make use of this social media tools list to manage your social media accounts successfully. So let’s get on the list of best social media tools in 2017.

Social media tools you should use in 2017:

It is always tough to select some best social media tools out of numerous a popup article. I just compiled this list based on features and its abilities.

  1. Hoot Suite:

Hoot suite is one of the best social media management tool marketers should use to manage their social media activities.  This software is an enterprise level social media management tool which is trusted by millions of people.

HootSuite has more than 10 million customers around the globe. This professional tool helps you to schedule your social media posts on different social media platforms.

You can quickly analyze your social media marketing campaigns with this useful tool. Along with that, you can just publish your post multiple times a day with by scheduling your post.

HootSuite has some team tools which can help your team to create user-friendly content for all social media networks.


  1. Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is one of the favorite social media tools for lots of influencers and pro bloggers. With buzz sumo, you can see what is hot in any location. Along with that, you can check the upcoming hot news on social media and more.

This particular tool helps you to understand your competitors and other niche markets and gives you proper command over the topic. You can only search for any keyword-based information through the keyword search criteria.

This tool lets you quickly filter out all the content based on date and popularity. From this tool, you can work on craft your ideas on the type of blog posts. You can measure what kind of content you should write to generate traffic and leads to your site.

The particular part of buzz sumo is it quickly shows you, how many shared your content and who has shared content. This feature helps you to find influencers in your niche, and along with that you can reach them on social media platforms and ask them to share your content as well.

You can even identify all the upcoming viral topics on social media, and you can create your content accordingly to get more shares and likes.

  1. Tweet deck:

Tweet deck is a cross-platform application which allows you to break up your twitter stream into multiple columns and you can efficiently manage multiple Twitter accounts.

I use tweet deck mostly for serious twitter sessions. I usually find this platform as the valuable and hassle-free platform for updating my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook posts simultaneously. This is best for marketers who are serious about Twitter sessions and messages.

  1. Buffer:

The buffer is another tool which is similar to HootSuite. This tool is best for scheduling and sharing all your posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and google+. You can quickly schedule your posts on these social media platforms throughout the day at different times.

Here you can quickly set your posting times once, and you can apply it regularly as well. It is a user-friendly tool with an easy to use interface. This tool is having a detailed graph of analytics, and it helps to see what’s working and what’s not working in posting frequency.

The best part I like about this buffer tool is it has a browser extension which quickly lets you buffer and share any of your web pages or photos or even simple text. Here you can also see that you can share content right on the blog.

  1. Agora Pulse:

AgoraPulse is one of the platforms which lets you schedule all your content for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in one place itself. This platform has dynamic reports, and it shows all the analytics of your performing post in single place.

You can on take the reports of all your three social media networks, and you measure your campaigns effortlessly. This agora pulse even lets you market content and run promotions from Agora dashboard as well.

Agora Pulse is an advanced social media marketing tool which helps you to boost your fan page, but the only problem with this software is it won’t support other social media platforms other than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  1. Every post:

Every post is another social media management tool where you can curate visual content of your post. In every post, you can quickly schedule and customize your posts. This tool helps you to create better content with lots of customizable options.


Here you can discover how to maximize your business social marketing performance and also content curation process. With this tool, you can share content on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

This every post tool is also useful in posting your content on your Android and iPhone devices as well. The primary specialty of this platform is its visual content you can make use of it to take your content forward.

  1. Tailwind:

A tailwind is one of the social media tools which are popular these days. This is a tool which is specially designed to help users with two social media platforms. Those are social platforms are Pinterest and Instagram. https://www.tailwindapp.com/


This tool helps you with all your Pinterest marketing efforts, and along with that, it helps to schedule your post on Pinterest and Instagram. You can upload bulk uploads in this tool and also you can do multi-board pin creating.

This tailwind is helpful to enhance your visual marketing on social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. You can find the best time to send your pins, and you can see the analytics of your on, and along with that you can see the response from your target audience.

  1. Start A Fire:

Start a fire is one of the best social media tools I should mention in this list. This is one my favorite social media tools because it efficiently provides shared credit to the content publishers and also to the content curators who spread their material. https://startafire.com/


This tool helps you to increase your brand reach with every link you share. Along with that you can track and measure and get instant insights on your third-party content as well.

Although this is one of the best social media tools. I haven’t seen this tool in any favorite lists of bloggers. But I do find the usage of this tool in giant companies such as TechCrunch, ad week, TNW, and so on.

Start A Fire is a straightforward and easy to use tool which you can easily integrate with other social sharing tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. You can just make your face appear in a popup articles you share along with the custom link where you can quickly get a direct visitor back to your site.

  1. Canva:

Canva is one of the favorite social media tools. This simple graphic design software can make you design image for your blog easily. As you might already know that people are keen to see pictures more than text.  https://www.canva.com/

People can forget something they hear, but people will remember images easily. That’s why most of the people a single image is equal to a thousand words. As this is the social media world, you should start design awesome and cool graphics to increase your traffic.

So that’s the reason why most marketers concentrate on creating visual content. In creating visual content, this Canva tool is helpful for all marketers. Creating cool infographics and other designs and images have been straightforward with this excellent social media tool.

You can see most of the people recommend canva tool because it is simply perfect for creating images. Most of the people might do their designing by Photoshop but if you aren’t that professional in creating images.

Then you can make use of this canvas tool to create stunning and professional images for your social media posts and blog posts.

  1. Meet Edgar:

Meet Edgar is an excellent tool which helps you fill the social media queue itself. Now a day’s content marketing has been a vital part of social media marketing.


Marketers can usually do wonders with the content marketing, so marketers are focusing mainly on creating content that is having the capability to convert. Creating relevant and excellent content is not that easy.

So why to waste your time and efforts in creating content when you can reuse it to market your brand name again.

Most of the marketers always reuse their content to taste some success. So to keep tracking of old content and scheduling a perfect time for reposting again is a time taking process.

For that, to remove your efforts you can use meet Edgar. This tool recycles merely your posts. So that you can reach a more significant percentage of traffic from the recycled content, that’s why most of the marketers use this tool as their weapon to reproduce the old content.

  1. Animoto:

Animoto is a vital tool in this digital age. As the native video is the most trading post type on Facebook. You should be focusing on marking a video, and it has been proved that video post type gets three times more engagement of link posts and two times more than that of photo posts. https://animoto.com/


So, I always try to make videos and for making a video I love using Animoto simple templates, themes, and stock music, etc. Here Animoto is a tool which can quickly turn your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in just a couple of minutes.

This Animoto rendering process is speedy, and it is effortless to use. So most of the marketers prefer Animoto’s awesome templates to make their videos. This new marketing tool builder is having a super easy drag and drop text overlay options along with vital sound off and autopay options in the Facebook news feed.

So it is best to use Animoto for your video needs. That’s why I included this fantastic tool on this list of best social media tools.

  1. Nuzzel:

Nuzzel is a news and newsletter tool for smartphones. This tool helps you to find the likes and interest of your target audience. http://nuzzel.com/


As you might know, knowing the interests of your audience is the best practice to come up in social media. So nuzzle is one of the best tools to sort out all kind of your audience interests along with valuable information.

You can even know about the demographics, interests and contact information of your target audience with the help of this nuzzle tool.

This tool helps you to sort out your friends and friends of friends who shared your posts, and it will keep you updated with every update. You can get notification of the trending content in your circle.

Nuzzel is available both on IOS and Android so you can improve your content curation with this helpful app. As it has the power to help marketers, so I include this app in this list of best social media tools.

  1. SumoMe:

SumoMe is one of the best free social media tools I should mention in this list of best social media tools. I said it mainly because Sumo Me is a hybrid tool that is similar to the Swiss army knife.  https://wordpress.org/plugins/sumome/

This tool is helpful in survive marketers in this wild digital marketing world by creating social sharing buttons on sites such as Onsite, SMS, WhatsApp, and flip board, etc.

It also helps to track all your social counts on your blog post. And it helps to capture leads. Then the main thing I should talk about is its welcome mate pop-up. It can grab the eyeball of your audience. This pop-up can increase your email subscriber’s count.

  1. Flipagram:

The filpagram is a site which brings your moments to life. You can create small photos videos and stories with your images and video clips along with that you can easily add music to your video. https://flipagram.com/?_lang=en

Here marketers mostly use social media to attract the attention of users. So to attract your users and grab their eyes on your content you should create new and unique content.

Usually, video-based content which is posted on social media always works better than images. So it is vital to get on with the video content marketing action. Here you should create videos, and you should publish them.

If you don’t know how to create videos, then you can easily club your images and create a 15-second video on your phone using flipagram. This is one of the best social media tools which you can use from your mobile device itself.

You can easily resize your image, and edit your image according to your wish by using crop settings and you can even add some great visual effects as well. This thing lets you add effect to your videos, and you can optimize videos for Instagram as well.

  1. Oktopost:

Oktopost is a social media management tool which is mainly focused on generating leads for your businesses. Most of the b2b marketing and companies are missing some great opportunity on social media. https://www.oktopost.com/

Usually, your visitors won’t post a positive comment on them unless they love your post. So you have to be proactive in sharing your post with your visitors and also on social media platforms.

Precisely at this point oktopost is helpful. Here oktopost amplify and collaborate your content make it easy to share. The best feature of this oktopost is its collaborating features.

This feature helps to share your post with others and also helps to collaborate with people regarding your posts. You can get better features when you compare this with Hootsuite.

Oktopost mainly helps business to gain money and fame. That’s why this is a powerful social media tool for lots of businesses.

  1. Crowd Booster:

Crowd Booster is another social media tool which you might hear about. This is a tool which helps you to know more about social media analytics. Crowd Booster is a social media analytics tool which helps you to optimize your social media marketing plans and decisions. http://crowdbooster.com/index/

Here with crowd booster instead of doing manual analytics, you can get the automatically updated analytics on the consistent basis. You can create your custom reports easily with this crowd booster program.

This is handy tool for all social media managers to measure their traffic and lead and also they have a chance to optimize their social media marketing techniques.

This crowd booster helps you can get the reporting information, and it also helps you to schedule tweets for different timings and time zones.

  1. bit.ly:

Url shortener is always crucial in social media’s. So I mentioned bit.ly in these social media tools. Here bit.ly is an URL shortener which helps you to shrink your long form URLs into tiny and excellent looking URLs.

The click reporting tool feature in this bit.ly can help you to know about the clicks on the link you share. This tool is merely great for social media platforms like Twitter. You can track this URL with the help of clicks, and you can easily measure how well your content is performing.

By using URL shortener, you can easily get more space in your social and online marketing efforts. So you can easily understand and activate your best audience through the power of the links you share.

  1. Tagboard:

Tagboard is a tool which user’s hashtags to quickly search for and collect information about public and social media places within seconds after it has been posted on the social media networks. https://tagboard.com/

A lot of pro bloggers uses this tool, and they mainly use this tool to manage their brand activity which is taking place on the social media. This tag board helps you to prioritize your efforts and helps you to locate all the events which are happening in the social media.

You can just check all the activities which are using your brand keyword. Along with that you can quickly search for hashtags and get results by both negative and positive comments.

This tool helps you to keep an eye on your brand social activity and can get precise analytical information about your work on the time basis.

  1. Brand 24:

Brand 24 is a social media monitoring tool which gives you instant access to your social media mentions about your brand across the web. https://brand24.com/

When your company gets any mention, you might leave it because most of the time you won’t be there at the office to respond. In some cases, you might not be watching social media for mentions.

This waiting and the responding job have become comfortable with this brand 24. Because this tool provides real-time information on all the activities which are readily taking place around the web on your brand.

Not only that, this tool can save your time and keep you notified each and whenever you get a mention. This tool helps to quickly respond to all your positive and negative comments immediately regarding your brand.

  1. Social bro ( Audience):

Social bro is a cool social media management tool. This social bro is a Twitter marketing tool which helps you a lot in twitter marketing. https://audiense.com/

Here you can build the new audience from multiple criteria’s including the social profiles, relationships, behaviors and more. You can get unique consumer insights from this tool.

This social bro is now called as the audience. Social bro is breathtaking the tool for great Twitter management. This tool helps you to schedule your tweets and helps to create reports for your tweet.

It even helps in creating ads on Twitter. That is why most of the marketers always use this tool to improve their Twitter session.

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Finally, I came to the conclusion part of this social media tools. I hope you all liked this post. If you have the better device than this list. Then you are always welcome to say those in the comment section. If you do like this content then just share it with friends and help me in creating a more researched piece of material for you.

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