Best free and fastest web browser list for PC and Android

Best free and fastest web browser list for PC and Android

In this modernized world, there are millions and trillions of users accessing the internet daily. So in today’s topic, I wanted to say about the fastest web browsers list for PC and Android.

I think I don’t have to say separately about the internet because you are already browsing the internet.

Here in this digitalized world

You can see, Most of the people are accessing the internet on their PC and some people through their Mobile devices and others from the workspace laptops.

Along with the PC, you can find most of the people accessing the internet through their smartphones and tablets as well.

As the users are accessing the internet through various devices, the way of accessing the internet has become easier. The technology advancements are regularly updated, and so you can find the daily updated web browsers around you.

I think you all know what a web browser is?

If you don’t know, then let me give you a simple explanation about the browser.

A browser is nothing but a software application which is just programmed to help users to access the internet.

You can find several browsers around you because this is a digitalized world and there is a huge competition in companies as well. You can find different browsers to choose.

Ex: if you are using windows then you will probably know about the internet explorer because it comes with the internet explorer.

If you are using Mac OS, then you’ll be probably familiar with the Safari web browser. Like these two there are a lot of other web browsers as well, most of the people don’t know which is the best browser? And what browsers can help them?

You can see around you will find some people who feel uncomfortable in accessing the internet correctly, and you can even find that people find hard to resolve the integrations with the browsers, etc.

Now, to get rid of all these frustrating questions. I have crafted this article, and this is all about the best free and fastest web browsers list”.

I have taken this list by working on these browsers, and I also collected feedback of most of the users and then arranged these web browsers in this list.

For you convenience, I have divided the web browsers list into two sections. First one is Android, and another one is PC.

So, let’s get started with the best and free fastest web browsers list for PC and Android

Top Free and Fastest web browsers list for Android:

  1. UC Browser:

UC Browser is one of the best web browsers available for Android, and it is having some great features than the other browsers. This UC browser has a decent look with the right user interface; it is pretty quick in browsing and downloading as well. If you compared this browser with other browsers, download speed.

You can find UC browser is best because it is one of the browsers which is best for downloads and browsing as well. It is easy to use, but the only glitch with UC browser is sometimes it will not respond as quickly as it is. In that cases, all you have to do is update the UC browser.

  1. Opera Mini:

Opera Mini is one of the lightweight browsers; it is fresh, and it is one of the fastest web browsers available in Android to browse quickly. This opera mini is faster than other browsers in accessing a web page. Along with that, it is also light in weight, and it has best and attractive features as well.

Its User interface is easy, and it is the user-friendly browser you can easy get all options available in its home itself. Along with these features, it is also having some best rating and millions of trusted users in play store.

  1. Google Chrome:

Chrome is the best browser in PC, but when it comes to the Android, it is good but not great. Because it is having lots of glitches, you can find slow downloads and browse in google chrome.

This browser will suddenly disappear while we are browsing or it will say “not responding” frequently.  You can see the type of glitches in this browsers quite often. Apart from that, this browser is good in browsing; it is best to update this browser quite often.

If you update it quite often, then it works well, or else you will find many glitches while browsing it is recommended to update it regularly.

  1. Maxthon:

Maxthon is one of the attractive browsers in Android. It isn’t a great browser in PC but in Android is has a unique name because it works pretty well. You can find thousands of users who are supporting Maxthon for a smartphone.

They recommend Maxthon for the reason that is because of its speed and smart browsing feature. Maxthon browser has some unique features such as safe browsing and Instant history etc. Along with features, it also has the fast download capability.

This browser is a helpful browser for all, if you are themes freak, then you can change your themes frequently in the Maxthon because you can find a lot of topics in that browser along with themes it also offers fast RSS reader.

  1. Mozilla Firefox:

Coming to the Mozilla Firefox, I don’t have to say, specifically about this browser because every one of you might know about this browser. It’s just because this is one of the most popular browsers in PC.

Mozilla has an unusual name for its PC browser, whereas in smartphones it isn’t great when compared to the PC. You can find some glitches in the Mozilla Firefox, and along with that, you can also see the browser crashing quite often in Android.

  1. Dolphin:

Dolphin is a bold choice for all those who want to work and communicate at the same time. This browser has some unique qualities where you can handle any web page quite quickly.

This browser is pretty fast in the browser but when you come to download it is slightly slower than the above versions. This dolphin has easy to use interface, and it also has separate news feed in its home itself.

  1. Atlas:

When you want to explore the web with an adware browser, then Atlas browser is one of the best browsers.  It is a good browse which has inbuilt adware, and other malicious spoiler extensions to protect your browser from other adware’s and malicious virus.

Although it is impressive in browsing its download is relatively slower that most of the browsers. This browser is having some great craze in countries like UK and US.

  1. CM Browser:

I hope you heard about the CM browsers because it is one of the browsers which is widely known by others. It is one of the best and safest web browsers you will find on the Android devices.

This is a browser, which is made by the team of CM security it is a popular application for Android. Cm browser is having some best features regarding the Malware protection and privacy protection etc. it is lighter than most of the advanced is lighter than most of the advanced is lighter than most of the advanced browsers.

It is fast enough for browsing the internet, but the only problem it has is its video player. This site has some glitches while playing videos I have seen them while using this browser other than that everything is fine in CM browser.

  1. One browser:

Most of you might hear about this one browser because it is one of the best browsers. This browser is having some particular craze in the western countries. This browser’s browsing speed is stunning. You can browse much better in this one browser.

It is has risen to 47%, which is even better than the most of the Android browsers, so it is one of the best sites to browse the internet and to download stuff as well. Due to the minor glitches and another drawback, this hasn’t made in top 5.

  1. Ad block browser:

Ad block browser is a well know browser which is primarily used by the users who strives to control ads display.  This Ad Block browser is very efficient in managing the ads.

Most of the people don’t like ads, so they mostly prefer this browser to block ads. Apart from that it is not having many striking features to say precisely.

Now let’s get into the other section, in this second section let’s know about the best free and fastest web browsers for PC.section let’s know about the best free and fastest web browsers for PC.

Best Free and Fastest web browsers list for PC:

  1. Google Chrome:

When it comes to the best free and fastest web browsers in PC, Google Chrome is one of the best and fastest web browsers. I think I don’t have to say about the Google Chrome especially. In PC, Google Chrome is one of the best and fastest web browsers.

Chrome is one of the Google product; it is the best and fastest web browsers readily available in PC. This browser is pretty fast in accessing content and compares to the other browsers.

Google Chrome has the syncs bookmarks option which means it will synchronize all your bookmarks in your devices and it fills out the forms and other sections automatically.  This browser stands out as the best browser for PC, and it is regularly updated as well.


  1. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a modern web browser which can access web pages in a couple of seconds. This is one of the fastest web browsers for PC, and this browser is competing with the Google Chrome continually to take its position. In PC this browser is competing with the Google Chrome continuously to take its place.

This browser has some advanced coding enhancements which make this browser unique, and its new privacy window is far better than the google chrome incognito mode.

Mozilla Firefox is having some better features than the Google Chrome, and it beats the Google Chrome in speed, but this browser also has some glitches which make users feel bored. It’s video player need to be regularly updated. It also has few hanging issues, so this browser comes after Google Chrome. Even after having better speed than the chrome.


  1. Opera:

Opera is coming third in web browsers for browsing and downloading. Even though Opera has complaints regarding its compatibility issues with some major sites and secondary sites.

But still, the opera stood third because of its fast browsing and effective user interface. Opera browser access some sites faster than other browsers but it cants access some sites due to the glitches of the browser.

The Opera team has been working on this issues since a long time, but they aren’t getting the perfect solution of the glitches. But this browser has some sustainability, and it is easy to access the settings of the browsers. This issues since a long time, but they aren’t getting the perfect solution of the glitches.

  1. Torch:

The torch is one of the capable browsers which are not known my many of the users, although most the tech geeks know about these browser newcomers and others don’t know about this browser.

If you are searching a solution for browsers means the torch is the perfect solution. This browser is pretty similar to the google chrome, and along with that, it also has some advanced features.

Unlike Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera this torch is having the capability of downloading torrents for its browser itself. No other top browsers have this capability. So this is the best browser if you use torrent sites and other sites as well. It is one of the fastest web browsers on PC, and it is secured web browsers as well.


  1. Safari:

Safari is one of the best web browsers to see the sites, and this web browser is the best and fastest web browsers for the Mac users. If you are a Mac users, then this is the best browser for you. The Apple Company itself developed this browser. This is the fastest web browser in Mac OS, some of its version are also compatible with the window version.



This is all about the free and fastest web browsers list of PC and Android. These are best browsers presently available on Android and PC. I hope you all have a clear view of this article if you have any doubts you can let me know in comment section.


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