Automating and improving social media campaigns

Automating and improving social media campaigns

Got an online store? Expecting great results out of expensive Internet Marketing Campaigns you have paid for but not getting anywhere? If you have answered to all these questions with a yes then it is time for you to start taking some responsibility. Most of the social media managers are incompetent and are here to waste your time and money. It is always a good idea to handle the social media pages of your small business on your own. Virtual assistants can be of great help.

We will tell you about automating tools that will make social media management a range for you. All you need to do is spend thirty minutes every day in the morning. You can upload all the requisite content and expect great results at the end of the day. Here are five tools for automating and improving social media campaigns:

Buffer: Pablo a product from is one of the exquisite social media tools you will come across in this lifetime. Every one of us is going to agree with the quote “A picture is worth thousand words”. Buffer allows you to create amazing pictures for your social media accounts. One can use this amazing tool for creating pictures instantly and for uploading them at a specified time.

HootSuite: The most popular social media management tool, is a blessing. Entrepreneurs and Webmasters can use this tool for automating social media campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. All you need is one account for handling your campaign across platforms. Every Internet giant is dependent on this social media management tool for taking their Internet Marketing Campaign to the next level.

IFTTT: ‘If this then that’ is one of the most unique ways of an automating social media campaign. Programmers and web developers love this tool because it talks in their language. The If-Else looping option allows people to make the best use of the alternatives in case something goes wrong. This is how technology is getting smarter.

SocialOomph: SocialOomph is for every social media manager. This is one of the most installed web application in recent past. A lot of people are migrating from HootSuite and Buffer to this one. The unique design and the beautiful interface turn the work into fun. One can also bookmark comments using this tool.

Social Flow: Turn Chaos into Clarity. This web application understands the importance of analytics and guides the social media manager according to the behavior of the visitors. The new version of the application allows people to keep a tab on the real time conversions on the page. This web application is like the Google Analytics of the Social Media. You can monitor who is doing what on your page and then design your marketing plan accordingly.

So, by now you must have developed a proper idea of managing social media on your own. You are building your business with passion, do not let anyone else destroy your brand value. Go and start making a difference by teaming social media sites.

By Olivia Wilde

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