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Apple goes to war with the gaming industry – ProWellTech

Most gamers may not see Apple as a gaming company to the same extent that they see Sony with PlayStation or Microsoft with Xbox, but the iPhone maker continues to evenly lead the industry with decisions made in Apple’s App Store. The company made headlines a couple of times later

What countries want your startup? – ProWellTech

Nota dell’editore: Ricevi questo riepilogo settimanale gratuito delle notizie ProWellTech che qualsiasi startup può utilizzare via e-mail ogni sabato mattina (7am PT). Iscriviti qui. Dicono che il business ha bisogno di certezze per avere successo, ma le nuove startup tecnologiche continuano a ricevere finanziamenti in modo aggressivo nonostante la pandemia,

Last chance to save on Disrupt 2020 passes – ProWellTech

It’s the last call, startup fan, last call. We are not talking about International Beer Day (which is a thing and is today – look for it). No, we mean August 7 is your absolute last chance to save up to $ 300 on a pass for Disrupt 2020. Beat raises $5M to continue its battle against malicious adtech – ProWellTech, a startup helping digital publishers protect themselves from malicious ads, recently announced that it has raised $ 5 million in Series A funding. The Baltimore-based company isn’t the only organization that promises to fight malvertising (like ads that force visitors to redirect to another website). But as co-founder Seth