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Best e-bikes to ride for 2020

The market for electric rideables is growing rapidly as people think about new alternatives to public transportation. It’s grown so much that we’ve now broken our recommendations down into two different categories: the best electric bike options you’ll find below, and the best electric scooters and skateboards. Most of them

FAA certifies world’s largest jet engine for commercial use

According to General Electric, the GE9x’s 16 composite fan blades are the lowest number it has made for a commercial jet engine. General Electric Boeing’s new 777X cleared a major hurdle in moving passengers after the Federal Aviation Administration certified the enormous engine that was developed to power the wide-body

Facebook asked to curb election suppression by white supremacists

Image by Pixabay / Illustration by CNET This story is part of 2020 elections, CNET’s coverage of the November vote preparations. Two US representatives asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will act immediately to ensure fairness and security in the 2020 elections. This includes “curbing the repression of white supremacists, neo-Nazis

Here’s how to see the Northern Lights in the US this week

Northern lights, also known as aurora, are a natural indicator of light in the sky, especially in high latitude regions, caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetospherically charged particles with the atmosphere at high altitude. Universal History Archive / Universal Images Group via Getty Images If you are

New species of cockroach-killing wasps discovered in 25-million-year-old amber

This flag wasp was trapped in amber 25 million years ago. George Poinar Jr./Oregon State University If you hate roaches you might find some satisfaction in a fascinating piece of ancient insect history that recently came to light. Oregon State University entomologist George Poinar Jr. discovered four new species of

Buick Electra EV concept ain’t your grandfather’s land yacht

For Electra, one body style is not enough. It’s more of a sedan-crossover mix. Buick Buick unveiled a surprise concept at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show, which began this weekend. This is the Buick Electra concept, and it’s none other than the Electra you may know from the past. While

FarmVille — yes, that FarmVille — is buying the farm at the end of 2020

Farewell, Farmville. Zynga It’s not going to be a Happy New Year for FarmVille players. FarmVille, one of the originally addictive Facebook games, will close on December 31st, manufacturer Zynga said on Monday. “After an incredible eleven years since it was first launched in 2009, we are officially announcing the

Pokemon Sword and Shield dropping big Crown Tundra news tomorrow

Will we finally have a release date for Crown Tundra? Angela Lang / CNET On Monday, Pokémon said there will be an update on the Crown Tundra DLC at 6am on Tuesday. The official Twitter account for Pokemon is linked to a YouTube video where you can see the announcement.

These are the best National Coffee Day 2020 deals

The coffee is free but you have to sign up for the donut. (Unless you go to Krispy Kreme!) Patrick Holland / CNET I like to think that in a parallel universe, the people behind National Donut Day teamed up with the people behind National Coffee Day and they used