GMC Hummer EV’s first year of production already sold out

The roof is open, but the sun seems to have set on reservations for the first edition of the first year. GMC Another long-awaited reveal of a truck, another frustrating night on a automaker’s consumer website trying to reserve one of the company’s first production models. This time it is

GMC Hummer EV pricing and reservation details

GMC is now accepting reservations of $ 100 for the new Hummer EV. Unfortunately you will wait a while. GMC 2020 was a particularly challenging time for many reasons, but for fans of classic 4×4 nameplates, it was a banner year for the revival of long-dead names. The newest? The

Best tech deals and promos you should know about

Black Friday 2020 is getting closer. The biggest shopping event of the year and the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season are just around the corner. However, the 2020 event will be a little different this year. In fact, it will be very different for consumers who are used

NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft touches down on asteroid Bennu

The spacecraft’s sampling arm – called the touch-and-go sampling mechanism – is located over the target sample location during a dress rehearsal in April NASA Four years after taking off from earthNASA’s Osiris-rex historically and briefly landed on the potentially dangerous asteroid Bennu, over 200 million miles away. The spaceship

Pixel 5 Portrait Light feature rolling out to other Pixels

Portrait Light is one of the main photo editing features of Google Pixel 5. This feature allows you to change the lighting around a subject’s face after the photo has been taken. Older Pixel devices can expect the function from today. In our video review of Google Pixel 5 (check

DOJ files antitrust suit against Google – ProWellTech

Google faces big antitrust lawsuit, Amazon offers to pay customers for purchase data, and let’s look into the iPhone 12. This is your Daily Crunch for October 20, 2020. The big story: DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google The lawsuit accuses Google of “illegally maintaining monopolies in the markets for