Top 5 tips on writing seo friendly blog posts

Top 5 tips on writing SEO friendly blog posts

Writing SEO friendly blog posts : Bloggers usually wanted to make an impression on social media they strive to increase their authority by building some loyal fans.

writing seo friendly blog posts

Nevertheless, is it that simple?

It requires a lot of work and mostly you must attract your visitors with your valuable suggestions and seo friendly article.

Getting started with blogging and writing blog posts are relatively easy but maintaining an adequate presence in online may not be that easy, as creating a twitter account or facebook account.

It requires a bit a time, focus and more over the way of expressing their ideas and helping others are important to increase your influence online.

When it comes to traffic and drawing attentions from the individuals to your website, there are some ways where you can attract visitors as well as search bots to your site.

Apart from helping your site get in top results in search engines for any particular keyword. Writing a SEO friendly blog post will make your visitors happy, and it will make them your loyal visitors.

So, if you don’t know how to write a SEO friendly blog post that attracts people to become loyal fans then don’t worry, here I am going to help you with some useful tips.

How to write SEO friendly blog posts that attract visitors

Here are some effective writing tips, where you can make use of and create an awesome piece of content which is seo friendly and brings you lots of loyal traffic:

How to write SEO friendly blog posts

Make up your mind what to write

Many bloggers, will start with one topic and then finally write about the other topic. And after proofreading the article again, they will try to change the article.

All this process will be a mess, before writing a post, first of all, make up your mind you should write and what topic you should touch in that article. But just don’t over think on what to write. It’s nothing but a waste of time.

Before focusing on the SEO and other things, just make up your mind that what message you want to give your readers through your post.  Make your thoughts according to and also anticipate what will be the reaction of the visitor when he/she saw your post. Note down your post structure according to your views.

Structure your post

It’s critical to structure your post because a post with no clear intention and no clear path will make your readers frustrating. This may lead them never to return to your site.

So, always make sure what you want to express and check whether you have structured your post accordingly. Having a clear structure helps your users to understand your content quickly and then can know what you are trying to share through that article.

So, make sure you write an introduction and the body of the content and conclusion. Start with your post as an introduction and simply explain what you want to say in the body and give a little conclusion that whether they reached your content or not.

Make use of Headlines and Paragraphs structure effectively

Always make sure that your divide your topic with at least few headlines to help your visitors understand the topic and also to encourage them to read your post.

Here paragraphs are the other option where you can attract your audience.

For suppose if you want to read a blog post then can you read a blog post with no paragraphs and headlines? Mostly a human doesn’t want to read big and huge paragraphs they always want to read short and crispy paragraphs and content which is having headlines because they are easy to scan and consumes less time.

So, make sure you structure your headlines and paragraphs effectively. And you can also some keywords and make it crispy headline to make your readers more attracted towards your content.

Increase length and Link some previous content

Always make sure that you provide long form of content because Google just loves long form of content, and also it’s proved that users like long form of content rather the short form of content. So always set a minimum and maximum length of words for your blog post.

If you want to write short content, then Google don’t consider you article as a full pledged blog post. As the competition is increase day by day, Google has made some massive changes to its algorithm.

And some research proves that Google is ranking long and precise content at the top of the results. If you want to test then, you can test that by yourself just by going into google and search for any keyword and check the top results.

If you write a long form of content, then you can simply link your content to your old content so that you can be useful in link building as well. Internal linking is also important to point in SEO ranking so you can make use of that as well.

It is also helpful for your visitors to check the old posts related to the content which they have missed earlier. So post long form of content and link to your old post to improve your authority and influence on the subject and it helps you to improve your ranking on search engines.

Get other people’s opinion

It is always a best practice to get other people’s opinion on your blog post by blog comments or by any other ways. If you take a view, then you can find what your mistakes are and what places you can improve, So that you can simply make those corrections in the upcoming posts.

Make sure you use bullet point

If you ever wanted to say any significant points in your blog post, then it always a good practice to add bullet points. This was one of the oldest technique of SEO friendly blog posts, but it works.

Check your grammar and typos errors

To create a SEO friendly blog post, you should always keep an eye on the grammar and typo errors. As the writing is an art, you can make a lot of mistakes while writing a blog post you better proofread the post and ensure that you are not having any grammar and typos errors in your post.

If you not that good in grammar, just make use of Grammarly to check your spelling mistakes and typos errors.


I have mentioned some most important points about how to write seo friendly post, if you have any suggestion or recommendations then you can simply comment us below. I’d love to take a suggestion from you.


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