Popular chrome apps and extensions for smart marketers

Popular Chrome apps and extensions for marketers: Smart Marketers always do search for extensions and plugins to complete their task efficiently. Not only marketers sometimes even we all search for an easy way to do work such as publishing content to multiple social media sites, check grammatical and spelling mistakes and collaborating on other projects, checking analytics and so on.

There is no end to this list as you go on doing work effectively you can find new tools and extensions which are helpful for your projects.

If you are a digital marketer, then this list can be endless even when you think about the work. It is just because google chrome is one of the best browsers which can save a lot of time for marketers with its advanced apps and extensions.

You are here saving time matter most than other factors. As you all know time is very precious and if you have time in your pocket, then you can try any task, and you can move forward in life. But if you do not have enough time to do any work, then you will remain incomplete with both projects and experience.

Popular Chrome apps
Popular Chrome apps

So to help you maximize your time, I have sorted out a list especially for all the bloggers and marketers. This list consists of some favorite chrome apps and extensions which are best for smart marketers.

In this extensive list, you can find all tools and extension which are used my fellow marketers and me in a day to day life. You can find all apps and extensions from social media to content marketing and also find influencers and other efforts. These Popular Chrome apps and extensions are necessary recommendations you should know to rock your marketing career.

Favorite chrome apps and extensions for marketers:

Here are the most popular chrome apps and extensions for marketers. Google Chrome offers some great collection of paid and free app extension.

In this list, you can see the best apps and extensions to do your work more comfortable and more efficiently. You can quickly browse the chrome store and check out which extensions are available and which aren’t available yet.

Best content marketing extensions and apps:

These are the best and popular chrome apps and extensions for marketers of content marketing which can help you to develop your content marketing skills and strategy and also build your content plan. You can quickly turn content marketing into a powerful tool for driving high range and high-quality traffic to your website or blog so you should use this extension.

  1. Grammarly Chrome extension:

Grammarly is an excellent tool to skyrocket your content. It is a helpful plugin which helps to proofread your content. If you are not quite sure about grammar, then you should use Grammarly.

It is a best online service which quickly allows you to upload or write your content on its editor and you can even share documents and then check for all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors of your content.

This tool doesn’t catch up each and everything, so you still need to focus on your content even after editing your article with Grammarly. You can only install this Grammarly extension in chrome for free. It has both a free version and premium version.

The free version will have lesser capabilities of correcting spellings and grammar where else premium version will have more ability to edit your content efficiently.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote web clipper is a premium plugin with a lot of useful features you can see a whole lot of users for this plugin.

I have seen lots of pro bloggers, and marketers personally use this plugin for taking screen shorts and creating images out of them. As their markup format works well, so I love to use that feature.

You can easily “clip” articles to your LinkedIn profiles, and you can save all of them in your account by highlighting essential bits. In most of the cases, you can even add your annotation.

This plugin has some great features which you can probably find out the best things for its robust interface.

  1. Inbox by Gmail:

Inbox by Gmail is a particular app which is designed by the Google team. It is an extension which saves you a lot of time. This app quickly helps you to save content and links you find on the web.

You can even return to the content and links later, or you can share them with just a click. This app is unique and different than all other apps. It stores all the saved URLs and links directly to your mailbox.

By saving links this way, you’ll have less tab to open, and you don’t need to open Gmail every time. Instead, you can begin it on your google chrome extension itself with one click. This is a free app, but all you need is the Gmail account to access and use this plugin.

  1. Gmass:

The glass is one of the marketing tools which is slowly spreading its wings towards the marketer’s favorite plugin. This tool does almost everything, and it is a helpful plugin which relives a lot of stress for marketers.

The glass is having premium email outreach tools so you can do email outreach easily and it is free. And this tool a million times easier to use as well most of the bloggers support this plugin because of its user’s friendliness.

This useful extension connects with Google sheets, and it pulls all the data using column headers you can easily customize all the fields which are mostly used for outreach tools. The best and useful feature of gmass is its ability to send a bunch of emails in just one click.

Other features of the gmass include campaigns, sending emails and space out emails and so on. This is the plugin which helps to keep tracking the relationship of emails in one single folder.

  1. Check My Links:

Check my links is one of the most useful apps for all marketers and bloggers. This is a must-have tool for all tech-savvy content marketers and bloggers.

Check my links helps you to edit a long piece of content, and this tool can quickly scan all your text, and it is going to reveal all the broken links.

As broken links are vital in sites SEO. This tool has become essential and must have tool for marketers. It is helpful when you want to edit your old content as well. This tool highlights merely all the working links with green and broken links with a red indication.

  1. Auto text expander:

The auto text expander helps you to create shortcodes which are essentially macros to fill the gaps quickly in any text field in your browser. This is a helpful tool for all bloggers and marketers. The real power of this extension is being able to quickly fill the contact forms without having to copy and paste the script separately.

Frankly, speaking this plugin is very useful in filling out email outreach campaigns. Most of the marketers always skip sites that didn’t list email, and they don’t even use the contact forms because the contact form is so long.

In those cases, you can easily use the auto text expander to make it fast and more comfortable for you. Here all you need is just 5-10 perform if you are not customizing it much. It is that faster. This tool can dramatically boost the number of sites you are presently contacting during any campaigns.

  1. Email Tracker:

Email tracking is a google chrome extension which helps to track all your emails. This extension helps to monitor email, and it notifies you when the user views your email.

You can also get a new and fresh report on every message. Email tracker will help you to open a message. This plugin tells every information about how many times your email is viewed and how much time your recipients spent time on your note and who really opened your letter and so on.

This plugin is handy for all those who are keen to build their campaigns of link building and other attacks.

  1. Email hunter:

Email Hunter is one of the new tools which is having a lot of potentials to stand out in the crowd. This is the first thing to invent a working software that finds the contact information of other reliably.

The best beauty of email hunter is that it is not just one button. You can access the website with a one-click button, and you can see all your emails that email hunter finds. You’ll be able to see all the resources of those emails.

So here all you can visit them is to take a quick look at the pages of the email, and it is coming from the legit websites. The coolest thing about the email hunter tool is it uses APIs from another email database to access all the additional information, and it also helps to scrap the site which you focus on. So finding odd email are usually simple and it is pretty good.

  1. Feedly:

The evergreen content aggregator tool is Feedly. It is a great tool which is very easy to use. After installing Feedly, you’ll get a dashboard where you can easily add all the feeds of your favorite blogs.

Feedly is the best tool to categorize all the blogs based on the type of content. For example, I made a feed called “blogging” with all blogging aspects and ranked XL in it. But you can also add any site to your site.

At the start, Feedly generally shows the most recent and unread articles. Here the unread item keeps your feed fresh and you can search for a site, and you can only add it. You’ll also use Feedly to organize in all industry blogs. You can find new ones and track all your stuff which you didn’t read yet.

  1. HootSuite:

HootSuite is a popular site which is known by almost all the marketers. It is no secret that you could write a clean blog post on Hootsuite alone. There are just so many application like Hootsuite.

The essential features and functions of the Hootsuite are it can share posts across the multiple social networks, and you can schedule your post according to the time. Along with these features, you can have all your social media analytics aggregated in one place.

If you have a website that purely depends on social traffic, then you don’t have to post and scheduling in every platform you can just post it once in your software, and it takes the other steps.

You can upgrade the Hootsuite for more effective and efficient features. It is having both free and premium version of the app. This is one of the favorite apps for many bloggers.

  1. Boomerang:

Boomerang is another typical app which offers several powerful features for all the tech and savvy marketers.

Here in boomerang, you can easily hide a message in your mailbox, and you can select that email when you want to bring it back to your inbox.

Boomerang can quickly help you to schedule all your emails, and it can send your emails whenever you need. Ex: when you are away from your mailbox you can just send an email at the particular time by scheduling the email.

The boomerang extension allows you to track all your email and send notifications. This is having alerts which show up directly in your mailbox when someone read your email.

Boomerang is having, even more, features for paid users such as sending recurring messages and so on. This is having both free and paid versions so you can try any text you need.

  1. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is one of the most dominating app readily available for google chrome. Here Ahrefs is honestly the best app in the SEO tools. If you have interest and can afford Ahrefs, then this is one of the apps you should buy to dominate search rankings and to beat your competition.

This chrome extension is a counteraction app to the MoZbar, but of course, it uses the Ahrefs database instead of the Moz’s database.

Here Ahrefs has a much better database than the Moz database so it is faster and better and it has got good results and keywords in its back. The one minus thing about the Ahrefs plugin is you can’t export data from the SERPs which is a major defect of it. Whereas in Mozbar you can export data that’s the problem of an Ahref app.

  1. Mozbar:

Mozbar is one of the best SEO extension for google chrome which is readily available in chrome store. This is an old and great SEO tool, it is pretty good, and it is very much up to standards.

Mozbar easily lets you judge the power of the webpage both by its single page and also by its entire site wise calculations. The mozbar user’s two unique metrics to measure your site. One is domain authority and other thing page authority.

Although most of the people just argue that DA and PA and not considered these days. But they are yet powerful in measuring a page success. So if you want to try this plugin, then you can try. By working this extension, you can get a feel how important a site is and how easy the keyword IS, etc.

  1. Print Friendly:

Print-friendly is one of the best and useful plugin. This is an extension which is always needed for every computer user. If you ever need anything from the web, then you can easily access it on the web with the help of print friendly.

Suppose when people want to print a website page which is very useful. You can find it as crap because a lot of websites print like crap and it will not be clear enough to do anything.

But here if your website or any website is having that kind of issues then print-friendly can help you better than other plugins and apps. Print-friendly easily fixes all the issues, and it strips articles down to their normal essentials, and it allows you to quickly delete unwanted clutter in the articles such as images and other stuff.

This is a great plugin which adds lots of benefits and additionally it is also a fabulous plugin to create quick lead magnets off the blog posts.

  1. Google Analytics URL builder:

If you are a marketer, then I am damn sure that you might hear about the google analytics? Here google analytics is an important thing every marketer should take care of in this digitalized world.

If you ever tried to set up a tracking link for google analytics, but if you failed in that then it could be an absolute nightmare. As Google analytics is vital tracking event and particular links. You should take care of them if you don’t know how to take care of them.

Then you should use google analytics URL builder to simply set up an event. And to track every link in google analytics. This Google analytics URL builder helps to track links and allows you to create a link for any URL and it also helps to track all the data from your analytics.

This plugin is very useful to track the traffic, and it helps to even track Facebook shares as well. So you should use this google analytics URL builder to gain some analytics count. And also to watch closely about the count and direct traffic of your website as well.

  1. Google page speed Insights:

The google page speed insight is a perfect extension to measure your site speed and performance. You can simply analyze any web pages performance and page speed.

Here in google page speed insights, you will get a page speed inside score which helps you to measure your website. This insight also providers all links for the insights of developer console.

If you are keen to get more statistics and keen to see recommendations, then you can make use of the necessary changes to increase your web site speed and performance.

  1. What Font:

What font is another useful extension which is mostly used in designing websites? This what font is an ultra-simple extension which says about the fonts which are used in designing any webpage or site.

This is an excellent plugin for all web designers. Here all you have to do is just click on the font button and hover over the font you want to know about in any website. That’s if you can get the results it is that simple.

Although it is a very small extension, it is a simple and yet effective plugin which does a great job. It is going to solve many problems of the designers who are keen to design excellent pages. This is a popular chrome app and extensions for marketers.

  1. Last pass:

The last pass is one of the popular password manager extension. It is simply great, and it more secured. Typically you can’t leave this plugin when you get used to it. It is that great extension it is very simple and also so easy to use.

This last pass is having easy to use interface along with that it does remember every one of your passwords for each every site you need to access.

It easily helps to share your password with some other groups of people without revealing them. This is a tool which is especially used by freelancers and website owners.

  1. SEO Quake:

This is an SEO tool which has been around since before I know about the SEO. It is that older tool, but it is one of the best SEO tools to get a quick and faster look at any sort of webpage.

This tool is a very useful tool for all marketers. The main power of the SEO quake lies in its ability to display all kind of metrics. It displays all metrics from different sources such as Google, Yahoo, SEM RUSH, Alexa, Amazon and so on.

Here in this SEO Quake extension, you can easily measure keyword density, word count and other SEO factors.  This tool is specially used to compete with competition through a bunch of stuff and keywords as well.

  1. Majestic Backlink Analyzer:

The majestic backlink analyzer is an extension which measures all you backlink data of your site. This effective extension scans every web page, and it will provide all helpful data along with page strength.

Majestic Backlink analyzer has its score metrics to check other web pages. This Majestic backlink analyzer has the trust flow metrics and citation flow metrics. Extension delivers accurate scores from the google toolbar so that you can get the number of URLs linking to all pages.

  1. Buffer:

The buffer is another awesome tool which I forgot to mention at the start.  This is a modern chrome extension which is specially designed for buffer social media platform. This extension allows you to share all your web content easily to multiple social media accounts.

It merely acts similar to the Hootsuite. It has both the free version and premium version. You can opt for the best one depending on the budget and work you have.

  1. Sniply:

Sniply is another social media management tool which just allows you to create a compelling call to action text. This call to action text will be closely connected to your brand.

You can simply embed these types of links in your content pages and links you share on the social networking sites. You can easily promote your content yourself while sharing others content as well.

  1. List Goal:

List goal is a small and cool extension which helps to stay focused on most of your goals. This is an ultimate internet marketing tool which helps to build a damn email list.

List goal can easily be integrated with all your email services. And it contributes to track all your daily email goals, and it also shows you how close you are hitting your goals each time.

This is just a motivational plugin which is important for lots of marketers and bloggers. Just to stay focus on a particular object or goal.

  1. The great Suspender:

Here is a fantastic app especially for people like me. Who is going to access all sites with more than 500 tabs opened every time while I am working? Especially when you are doing any campaign or outreach.

The great suspender is an extension which pauses all the unused tabs so that they don’t eat up all your memory. It is especially for all marketers who work out throughout the day with lots and lots of sites. The skill of this app has to lead this app into this list of popular Chrome apps and extensions for marketers.

  1. VidIQ Vision:

If you are the person who is trying to build some followers on YouTube, then vidIQ is an excellent plugin for you.
VidIQ is a plugin which especially gives access to the bunch of juicy data for any YouTube video. This plugin helps to see Facebook shares easily, Reddit upvotes, and engagement levels of the videos.

The best part of the vidIQ is its useful metric for marketers. This plugin gives you an estimated revenue for the month so that you can get a rough idea of how much you can make in creating a market level.

These are the Popular chrome apps and extensions for smart marketers in 2017. If you want to add any suggestion to this list of Popular chrome apps and extensions, then you can add them by commenting us.

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This is all about the most popular chrome apps and extension for marketers. I hope you all liked our Tech article. If you have any doubts or suggestion, you can let me know them in comments sections.