Top 10 Android Apps for Easter

Top 10 Android Apps for Easter
Android Apps

Top 10 Android Apps for Easter

Android Apps: The Easter season has finally come. It is time to recreate and rejoice once more because of the feast and the beautiful weather. This is the time that we refresh ourselves and be motivated to start a new interesting page of our lives. We know that the whole family will be around the house for a while, holding their devices together and making the springtime worthwhile. We created a list of the Top 10 Android Apps that’s best for the Easter Season! Grab your Android smartphone and make sure your internet is stable and get these awesome apps in the Play store now!

Android Apps
Android Apps

Android Apps

  1. Easter: 50+ Recipes

It’s a perfect day to download this recipe app on your phone because it serves instructions and ingredients to your Easter favourites. Sweet varieties to pick from chocolates to cheesecake and carrot cakes, candies, and milkshakes. The kids and kids at hearts will surely love the Easter cake you are to bake today! Everyone’s always hungry and always looking for something to eat during Easter time. Just don’t forget to save this app for scrumptious treats!

  1. Easter Live Wallpaper

Personalize your phone and set the trend by putting the Easter Live Wallpaper on your display. Easter eggs and the spring season on your phone with matching wind blowing in the background. The perfect scene that will complete your day.

  1. Easter Mah-jong

Tired of Soda crush, Candy Crush, and Sudoku? Install the Easter Mah-jong on your phone and access it easily. No more mah-jong boards and little tablets scattered on the table. Your android phone will do to play the fun and exciting game of Mah-jong. The game is just more exciting with an Easter theme on the background.

  1. Bubble Blast Easter

Bubble bursting games are very popular among players. One of the most famous apps in Play Store in this category is Bubble Blast. It is a genius product of Magma Mobile. Now, we recommend you to download not just the ordinary Bubble Blast- it comes with a twist, the Bubble Blast Easter. It is a simple game where you need to burst or tap on the Easter bunnies and Easter eggs on the screen. Come and get the Bubble Blast Easter on your phone and set your first High Score!

  1. Easter Bunny Live Wallpaper

What’s Easter season without the funny and cute Easter bunny on your phone? Get the Easter Bunny Live Wallpaper as your display and watch the cuteness overload of this bunny and try to tickle him on his ears- he will definitely smile at you!

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  1. Easter Hangman

Easter is supposed to be lively and cheerful! Why be boring and dull when you can be bright and fascinating with the Easter Hangman! Yes, it’s the traditional hangman but with a twist for it has an Easter theme. Words and phrases that you need to guess are Easter-related. The background and even Hangman itself- has Easter skins. This is indeed, a great app to cheer up everybody in the living room!

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  1. Chicken Invaders 4 Easter

Chickens are falling off everywhere and the space is needed to be cleared away these invaders. Your goal is simple: Get rid of the chickens so they can stop laying their eggs. Well, the game is ironic itself for Easter season is about giving a new life. How about bringing in some fun on your Easter Sunday? One advice though, this might not be the app for the kiddies.

  1. XPERIA Theme Easter

If you have a Sony Xperia device you might want to check this theme out. Personalize your Xperia phone and get the Easter themes that highlight the jolly season!

  1. Easter Keyboard

You have your Easter Live Wallpaper awhile ago and your Easter Bunny Live Wallpaper too. Still, want to upgrade your phone to a sure Easter look? Get your own Easter Keyboard! Now there’s no way the cutie Easter bunny can get away from you! The Easter Keyboard has a feature for customizing your fonts too- font colour, size, and style.

  1. Easter Frames

If you are too lazy to drive to the mall for your photo to be taken at the Easter display, that’s perfectly fine. Easter Frames will bring the Easter display to you. You can simply put your selected frame on your photo and you are ready to share it on Facebook.

Overall, these amazing Easter apps are here only to show us how the Easter season is a very significant event in our lives. We created this list to brighten your day and lighten up the mood of the Easter. Hope you are enjoying the Easter season with our top-listed Easter apps. Happy Easter!

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