Tips to gain more followers on Instagram

Tips to gain more followers on Instagram

Instagram is a Social Media app that allows you to share pictures and short videos with your friends, family, and others who are also using this app. It also allows you to share the media across other social media platforms that can be integrated with this app. Many people have built fortune and increased sales using Instagram. To be successful on this platform, just like any other social media platform, you need more followers. Even if you do not have a business, you may still want to have a large following. So, how do you exactly do that? Here are some ways to gain more followers on this incredible image app.


Share the images people are able to relate to


Have a look at the most popular accounts on this social media app and you will notice that there is something strikingly common. The account owners ensure that they only share the photos that the people are able to identify with or relate to. When the audience is able to build a connection with the photography, they are certain to like you more. The more the audience likes you the more you will become popular. The images shared by you should be original and unique. Depending upon the target audience you are looking at choose the themes of the pictures wisely.

The right time to post the pictures


Before you post your pictures on Instagram, you will want to know a little about the demographics of your audience. Identify the time zone your target audience lives in. Based on that you can determine the time when most of them access Instagram. Since this app is available on the phone, people access it on the go whenever they have time. However, usually people are more active around noon and in the evening once off from work. Your photo usually remains on the newsfeed of the people for nearly 4 hours. This is the window you have to make a mark.

Use the right hashtags


It seems that hashtags play bigger role in Instagram as compared to the other social media apps. You can organize your photos well with the help of the popular hashtags. To find the most popular hashtag you can use Webstagram or Google. By using the right type of hashtags in the right quantity you can certainly get more visibility. However, remember to use only the relevant hashtags. Trying to use unrelated hashtags may reflect poorly on you. Also, do not overcrowd your caption with the hashtags. Only use the best 4 or 5.

Follow and get Followed Back


A popular saying goes like this: “Do unto others as you wish others do unto you.” If you want to be followed by more people make sure that you are also following a lot of people. The rule is rather simple. When you follow people they follow you back. Your ‘following’ is reciprocated. This is not just about Instagram but is the case with every social media app. You might not gain as many followers unless you are following others. But you will get the best results when you are following brands and individuals who share common interests with you.

Like and comment on other people’s pictures


When you show interest in the other people, they will automatically get interested in you. So, once you have exchanged ‘followings’ make sure that you display interest in other people. But you don’t have to be a fake to do that. Whenever someone posts a picture that you like, just make sure that you like it and comment on it. This will not only ensure that the person is making note of you, you will be visible to all of their followers as well. In a way, you are expanding your horizons.

Keep your users engaged


Keeping your users engaged is also extremely important. When you get any comment on your photo do not forget to acknowledge it. A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way in building a strong connection. People like to be acknowledged and if they are happy they will talk about you. If there are any questions on your photo, make sure you take the time to respond to it properly.

Use Captions for Questions


One of the best ways to get more likes on your posts is by asking questions in the caption. A statement may not attract the attention as much as a question. Whenever you read a question, your mind automatically begins to look for the answer, whether you intend to answer or not. Question in the caption also increases the comments. As already mentioned, engagement is one of the best ways to increase the follower count.

Post regularly


Posting regularly is extremely important to keep increasing the follower count. The more you will post the more you will be able to keep the people interested. The more the people are interested the more popular you will become. It is a good idea to post every day. In fact, you can post 3 to 4 photos per day. However, if you already have hundreds of images ready to be shared, make sure you do not share them on a single day. If you inundate your followers with the posts they will unfollow you.

Connect with other social media accounts


To gain more visibility, it is advisable to connect your Instagram account with the other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. In this way, whatever you post on Instagram will also be visible on the other platforms. More about Tips Clear published on social media promotions.

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