Employers look up your social networking page

Are you currently exposing details being too many yourself on social media sites? or have you been just anonymously having a good time to them? Do you really use them to generally share college pranks, extreme views being political?

It is now an incident that is typical fresh graduates seeking to take their particular very first interview tend to be shutting down their particular reports on different social support systems. The reason being such a thing uploaded, even a thing as easy as emails can be forwarded to anybody and this can be harmful to your career.

Companies today make use of social network support systems as a way of referencing and finding out extra information about workers& employees. it’s also getting a more activity and this is certainly a well-known sign onto these social websites. Employers are really finding a lot of useful information regarding potential candidates and this is really influencing their decision when inviting job seekers for interviews.

Recruiters have reported that it is now general knowledge that employers are actively checking social media networks and even going to the extent of creating fake accounts to get access to candidates and employee’s social media accounts and active groups. It’s now getting more important that job seekers be careful what they post on their social media account and the groups which they assign themselves to. Failure to do so might result in a slower career progression and possible a lack of invites to interviews.

Around 60-70% of students state that they do not care too much about what they post on their social network accounts and who can see it. We performed a survey and it showed that the majority didn’t care that potential employers could see exactly what they were posting on the social media accounts. This was quite amazing since there is a lot of evidence that social media in influencing recruitment in a massive way. It was documented that people are even losing stable jobs just to activity within social media accounts.

Our survey also showed that over 20% of recruiters checked up on each employee’s social media accounts prior to offering them jobs. In addition, according to over 6% of these recruiters state that they have refused applicants because of what they found within their social media activity.

If not careful about what you post on your social media accounts it more than recommended to research what methods of privacy each of your social media accounts offer. Actions should be taken to lock down your social media profiles to close friends and family. Most of the social media sites now are starting to provide better privacy. Facebook for example allow you to only display your profile information to your friend list. You can even block certain friends from seeing parts of your profile.

Personally I think that screening job seekers social media profiles is un-ethical and the reason are people are just not yet fully aware of the privacy and the public visibility of their social media profiles. This been said, employers and recruiters are still doing it. Hopefully as people become more educated about social media privacy this will become less of a problem but for now it is very real and we should all start taking precautions. Recruiters & employers will argue that this social media is a public space and it’s their own choice to share content that’s publically viewable. I guess this is true since there are no laws to protect us against this and in actual fact recruiters are doing nothing wrong (legally). Protect yourselves people!

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