How to Record Skype calls: New features share or save them

How to Record Skype calls:

How to Record Skype calls? From past few months, we can hear a lot of buzz on Skype and other video platforms which aren’t including any key features. So, with all the buzz hovering around the internet there is also positive news which revolved around this news that is Skype is allowing us to record high-quality calls.

But, most of the people didn’t believe that news. So, for all of them, Microsoft has recently released the vital feature of the year “Recording calls.” This is one of the most important updates on Skype.  The Skype users of Android, IOS, and other Mac Platforms are able to record their videos calls.

So, there is no need to download any other screen capture software to record videos of your calls. You can quickly do that with the Skype as well.

How to Record Skype calls
How to Record Skype calls

The New features let you share or save them

Details about  “Record Skype calls” feature:

When we go into the details, the VoIP services are now letting you record video calls, and you can quickly save them on your local device. If you want to share those recorded videos means you can even do that as well.

With these brand new features, you can quickly share your video with others, or you can instantly save the videos.

Although, this feature is has been limited to the very limited clients who use the Skype as “ Content Creator mode” but now it is rolling out to more users globally. In the upcoming week, you can even see this update around the world.

The Process of Record Skype calls feature:

Coming to the recording aspect, Skype has a take proper care on designing the recording tool. As you begin recording the video, it will quickly alert all the other persons in the video, and it will be saved automatically to your cloud storage, and it will disappear after 30days time frame.

How to record Skype calls:

Until now we have seen the updates and the general concept of the new feature. Now, let’s get into the detailed process of “ How to record Skype calls.”

So follow these steps to record calls on skype:

Process: If you want to record skype call on desktop means follow these steps:

Desktop Version (On PC or Mac):

    • Firstly, open the Skype and start a video call with someone. Or enter any team video call.
    • Then click on the “+” (Plus) sign which is hovering right at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, you will see two options one is “Hold call,” and the other one is “ Start Recording” Option.

Android and IOS Versions:

In Android and IOS version then the process is quite similar but the placement of these options are different.

    • Start a new video call or enter into the team video call.
    • When you are on call, click on the “+” (Plus) Symbol or sign which is available at the below call options.
  • Then click on the circular red button to “ start recording.” To stop recording, you have to click on the red circular button again.

Until now we have seen how to record skype calls. Now, check out the how to save call recording.

Desktop (On PC or Mac):

    • Firstly open the Skype app and click on the “three-dot” which means “more options.”
    • Then select the option “Save to downloads.”
  • After that, you can select “Save as” to save it on any place you want to save.

Similarly, you can save your call recording on Android and IOS as well.

How to quickly Save videos on Andriod and IOS:

Now, to save a call recording on Android and IOS.

    • You have to open the Skype App and start a video call.
    • Now, while you are in a video call, you have to tap and hold the recorded call in the chat.
  • And you can click on “Save.”

As we already discussed about how to record skype call & how to save them. Let’s see the final aspect “how to share the videos.”

How to share the Videos on Skype:

Desktop (On Mac and PC):

    • Open your skype app, and you have to click on the three-dots option which means “ more options.”
  • Then quickly select the “forward” option to send your recorded Skype call to single or multiple users.

On Android & iPhone:

  • Click and hold the record option to automatically record video or save the video. Now, after your video ends you can click on the forward opportunity to share with others.

That’s it; this is all about “how to record Skype calls” & share and save them.

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