Make Money Online in India: 10 Amazing ways to earn money

Make money online in India: People always wanted to earn money because money is one of the crucial factors in any one’s life. Most of the people often search for different ways to make money.

In that, some may choose business, and some may choose other jobs to earn money. But from past years you can see most of the people are also taking the help of search engines. To know more ways about how to make money online.

Many people often search for “how to make money online in India” to get some unique ideas to make money online and to improve their life.

Here most of the people are searching on google how to make money online just because they are eager to know how people are earning lots of money by using the internet. It is a fact that many people only hear a lot of stories that people are making thousands of dollars daily online.

Now the people who are curious to know how they are earning money. Then you are at the perfect place. Here I am going to relive all the best ways to make money online in India.

Make money online in India
Make money online in India

But before knowing about those fantastic ways to make money online.

You should be aware of these factors and also keep these few words in your mind.

Earning money from online is a difficult task. You can earn money overnight from online it always depends on your hard work and sometimes on your smart work.

Meanwhile, most of the people fall into the traps of website clicking’s sites and few others, and they will lose their hope of earning money from online. If you want to make money from online, then stay away from those types of works.

Because lots of those works are spam works, you really won’t get any money even after you work hard. In some cases, online spam sites will also take money as deposits, and they make you believe that you should pay registration fees to earn lots of money by doing projects for companies.

In most of the cases, this process is also a spam factor because they take money as deposits and they never pay you a single penny. Few cases, they pay for one to two months, and they use your work, but they will not continue payment.

In other cases, you can see an email from the companies that “you have done the wrong job and your work is not reaching payment requirements. So, we can’t pay you the amount, and we won’t assign any other tasks for you.”

This is the statement which often seen in these types of jobs. Even when you do correctly, they will say something or the other to convince you. So, you should stay away from those spam companies and spam sites.

Now finally, let’s get into the list of 10 breathtaking ways to make money online in India. These methods help you to earn money by keeping your efforts from your home itself. Here I am mainly focusing on India, but all these ways can also be used by anyone in this world to make some money.

Let’s see them,

10 Breathtaking and legitimate ways to make money online in India:

Here is the list of best and legal ways to make money online in India. In this list, I have included all trusted online works where you can earn money from your home in India.

Before entering into this remember one thing,

You really can’t earn thousands of dollars per day by using this process. To make money, you have to be smart, and you have to keep your efforts then only you can see some money from these online jobs.

Start A Blog and Do Blogging from your home:

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money from home. It is the most trusted and legitimate way to make money online in India. You can see a lot of bloggers around you who are earning four figures income every month.

Nowadays most of the people are choosing to blog, and they are selecting blogging as their career. People are mainly opting to blog as there career because India is moving towards digital India. So, people have a chance to earn money from blogging.

Along with that, there are a few more reasons as well. Blogging can be done at your convenient time, and you don’t have to worry about your boss and so on. If you opt to blog as your career, then you are your boss.

That’s the prime factor of blogging. When you have glance earnings of blogger ordinary people will be in a shock. It is just because some bloggers in India are earning more than 1 million rupees. Along with them, you can also find bloggers who are gaining in lakhs and thousands.

If you don’t believe what I say, then you can have a glance at the income report of the successful blog “”

Here is the income report of This is one of India’s most prominent blogging niche blog. There are hundreds of blogs who are earning handsome money in blogging.

If you want to start a blog after seeing this, then I recommended you to start your blog with your interest, not by seeing others earnings. Because it can ruin your long blogging run, blogging is not an overnight rich project. It is a long-lasting process where you have to be consistent in maintaining your blog and other aspects.

To start blogging, you don’t have to be a certified professional. Everyone can try blogging, but to succeed in blogging you have to be with patience, and also you have to enthusiastic to learn new things.

The best ways to monetize your blog:

Freelance copywriting:

Copywriting is one of the best ways to earn money online. There are lots of projects readily available for freelance copywriters on various platforms.

This freelance copywriting is one of the legitimate jobs to make money online. You can see lots of people around you who are earning thousands of dollars through freelance writing jobs.

Here the earning potential depends on the writer and his or her experience and work. Presently some writers charge thousands of dollars for few articles and some writers even writing articles for 5 -100$.

Here in this job, all you need is customer satisfaction and unique writing style. If you have these elements in your writing, then you can quickly earn crazy amount from it. Starters usually don’t get the fancy price when they are the starting stage. But when you get some experience, then you can earn the right amount.

This freelance writing job isn’t that easy. This work requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Along with that, you should have a good command of English. If you have love towards writing, then you can choose this task.

If you want to start freelance writing work, then you can register to any freelancer sites to get some projects. Or else if you have good social media or web presence, then you can good projects. Freelancer, desk, writer, up work and contentment, are some of the sites where you can get projects.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing. Which is used by a lot of people under Make money online in India. This is the best way to earn money through rewards and commissions. Affiliate marketing is a marketing process where you promote products and services.

Here you promote products and services through your affiliate links. If any person clicks your affiliate link and buys that product, then you can get some amount in your affiliate account as a reward.

This process is called affiliate marketing. Lots of bloggers, marketers love this way of earning money because this way can bring lots of money in the form of commissions and rewards.

If you can’t make any sale from your affiliate link, then you really can’t earn any amount from this process. Most of you might doubt that what product you should promote and how to get that products affiliate link and so on.

If you have those doubts then don’t worry about that, I am going to clear them. You can choose any product you want to promote. Nowadays even a small product is having an affiliate program so you can either go to the official page of the site and register for their affiliate program or you can take the help of affiliate markets.

Here affiliate markets are the places where you can get millions of products.  You can select the best commission product, and you can promote them.

Some of the best and favorite affiliate markets places are Click bank, CJ commission junction, RV and so on. You can even take the help of popular e-commerce sites because all popular e-commerce sites have their affiliate program.

The best and most popular affiliate programs in India are Amazon associates, Flipkart, eBay affiliates, etc. most of the products offered in these sites have different commission rates. Here all you have to do is choose the best commission rate product and promote it.

Some people think to do affiliate marketing they need a blog or website. But practically you don’t need a blog or website to do affiliate marketing. If you have a blog or website, then it can help in getting more affiliate sales that’s it.

Online Tutoring:

I think after listening training most of you might believe that this as a weird way. But it is not a bizarre way; instead, it is an effective way to earn money. Online tutoring is one of the best jobs for the person who is interested in teaching.

As India is moving towards digital India, people are improving their skills through an online course. Here online tutoring comes in. Online training is nothing but a virtual environment where you can use tech skills for people, and you can earn money for your teachings.

This kind of teaching has been great for both students and teachers. Here teachers can make money, and students can earn knowledge. Online tutoring is a presently a booming business in India you can see a lot of teachers who are making money in their spare time by teaching students.

Here teachers can earn money by registering to the online tutoring sites like Bharath teaching, Vedantu, tutor, etc.

Make use of YouTube and get paid:

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. Most of you might already know that you can earn money from youtube. I don’t have to say separately about the YouTube money making process. But if you don’t know, then I am going to say slightly in this post.

YouTube is having millions of videos, and you might know that, and most of you might even watch YouTube daily to see your favorite videos. Here YouTube pays money for all the video you upload according to the terms and conditions of YouTube.

To earn handsome money on YouTube, you should create a video, and you should monetize them with via Google AdSense program or other YouTube partnership programs. At this moment signup for AdSense, you can display advertisements on your video. If someone sees an ad on your video, then you will get paid by YouTube.

Here the amount of the money you earn will correctly depend on the views your video gets. If you get clicks for your YouTube advertisement, then you can make even more. Other than clicks you can get money for thousands impression.

If your get impression and clicks from large tier countries then you can get the high cost per click, but if you get the impression from low tier countries then you will get the small amount. YouTube videos can also be monetized by another process such as sponsored video and affiliate marketing as well.

Start your online store:

If you have any products and services which you can sell online, then you can build your online store to make some money out of it.

Starting your online store is one of the best things you can do if you have proper products and services to sell. It is just like starting a business, most of you might be interested in creating an online store, but you might have a few questions hovering around your head.

So here I am going to clear them. Building an online store is not at all a daunting process these days because there are many online builders readily available for free online. Here most of the people think about the payment gateways. That’s the biggest problem with most of the business; then you can make use of PayPal as your payment gateway.

Or else you can set up a payment gateway by just paying some amount to the payment gateway providers. If you don’t want to spend money on website or payment gateways, then you can also use another way.

That is Shopify, of course, Shopify is the best choice for you if you don’t want to spend money. You can easily create an excellent e-commerce page on Shopify, and you can sell your products. In India, you can use Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal partnership program.

Become a virtual assistant:

A virtual assistant is another job which is presently a booming business throughout the world. You can see many companies often choose virtual assistants to do their task on time. Here virtual assistant is a self-employed profession where you should do all technical, administrative and creative work for the companies.

This is a flexible job same as copywriting, and here virtual assistants can work from home or at their desired place they don’t have to stay at a single location and work. They don’t need any office, or another organization all they need is a laptop and internet connection.

Virtual assistants can earn thousands of dollars here the earning potential of the virtual assistant depends upon the customer satisfaction and your skills.  If you are keen to do this job, then you can make use of the freelance sites to get projects.

Here some of the best freelancing sites where you can virtual assistants projects are Elance, Up work and Odesk, etc.

Sell Online Courses:

Online courses can get you a lot of money these days as Make money online in India. It is just because people are just looking to learn proper skills in a relaxed manner. If you have good explaining skills, then you can create an appropriate course of that, and you can make money.

Selling online courses has become a full-time business for a lot of people. They are just creating videos on course they expertise in and some are preparing cool stuff and tricks. If people are in search of your course topic, then they will have a glance at it.

If at all, they find your course helpful means they will enroll in your path so that you can get money. You can either create a separate site for these videos, or you can make use of the platforms like Udemy, SkillShare and so on.

You can keep your rate for your course. Most of the famous bloggers earn lots of money through these videos. If you don’t want to use these platforms, then you can use other video sharing sites also.

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Be a web designer or app designer:

Web designing and app designing is one of the best jobs to make money. If you have excellent design skills, then you can earn handsome money from these projects.

If you are a web developer who designs and optimizes websites, then you can showcase your talent, and you can get projects from your audience. To earn handsome money from these type of works, you should create a portfolio, and you should market the services you provide on social media.

Along with that, you can also get registered in freelancer sites so that you can get projects from freelancing sites as well. I think I already said best freelancing sites in above points. You can make use of those sites.

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SEO Services:

Make money online in India: Search engine optimization is rising its possible day by day. As the blogs and business are running towards digital marketers. Search engine optimization has reached a high stage where many people are making their living out of it.

If you know SEO optimization then you can take SEO projects, and you can earn money from those projects. Similarly to SEO, you can also provide services such as SEM and Social Media management and so on to make more money.

If you have enough projects in your hand, then you can start your own company, and you can hire people for you to do the task that’s the power of services. That’s why I included this in the list of make money online in India.

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This is all about the best ways to make money online in India. These are legitimate and genuine ways where you can earn money. Here I didn’t use any spam jobs or fake sites, so there will be no problem for you. Here all you should remember is you should keep your efforts to get some income. If you have any other ideas about Make money online in India, then you can let me know.