Best Drawing apps for Android in 2018 to unleash your Creativity

Best Drawing Apps for android: Drawing is a common hobby for most of the people in this world. From ages, you can find drawings and visual arts throughout history because illustrations are part of history.

Previously drawings are drawn on cave walls, or on leaves etc. As our generations are advancing towards the digital era, you can see lots of changes such as paper, sketches, and brushes on canvas and even on phones, tablets etc.

We are living in a digital era where posters and info graphic designs are vital in expressing any information visually. If you are one of them who are looking to find the excellent drawing apps, then these apps will help you to unleash your creativity.

Let’s start exploring the best drawing apps for Android widescreen devices. These apps are having lots of powerful features which helps you to draw anything efficiently. Whether you are a starter or professional artist, these apps will help you.

Best Drawing apps for android
Best Drawing apps for android

Best Drawing apps for Android in 2018:

In this best drawing apps for Android list post, I have listed all our favourite drawing apps. This list provides all trending apps which help you to turn your phone into an art studio. All you have to do is pick the best android app that suits your type.


1. Adobe Illustrator Draw:

Adobe Illustrator Draw is an advanced drawing app from the home of Adobe. Illustrator is an award-winning drawing app which helps you to draw your sketch correctly. Adobe illustrator draw provides you wide range of features to draw a design you need.

With this tool, you can get different types of brushes to draw. Apart from that, you can get five different pen types and multiple image drawing layers. With Adobe Illustrator draw you can merely UNDO and REDO your work anytime.

You can quickly save your work and post in on most of the social media networks, and you can get feedback as well on your art. That’s the best thing of the app; apart from that, you can even import all the designs from other Adobe products such as Adobe Capture CC and Illustrator CC.

Adobe Illustrator Draw is entirely a free app which helps you to sketch your work correctly. Although this is a free app, you can’t find any ads on this app while working that’s the other great thing about the Adobe Illustrator Draw.

This app has more than 4.3 per cent rating on Google play store, and it has more than a million downloads. The craze of this app has forced me to make a place for this app in the list of best mobile drawing apps.


2. AutoDesk SketchBook:

Autodesk Sketchbook is another app which is having tons of features. This app is a user-friendly app which has the power and eases to draw a neat art. By using this app, you can get unique experience across all the platforms.

Auto Desk comes with a wide range of features such as brushes, tips and more. With this app, you can quickly customise your features, and you can even zoom your art and organize that in a well-designed manner.

You can quickly save all your works and projects to iCloud or Dropbox from this app. By creating a free account on Auto Desk Sketchbook, you can get additional features such as layers and other sophisticated tools.

This app has both free and premium versions. For a beginner, the free app is enough, but if you are pro designer means, then you have to go for pro version to get advanced features which enhance your art.

The features of this and rating of this app in the google play store have made to list this app in my post “best drawing apps for Android devices.”

3. Art Flow:

If you are searching for a perfect drawing app for designing cartoons or other kinds of stuff, then this app is an ideal app for you. This app comes with more than 70 drawing brushes and tools.

This app is perfectly suitable for both beginners and expert level designer as well. Artflow app can impress you with its symmetry tools. These tools help you design perfect shapes and lines for your art.

Coming to the features: this app is having more different kinds of brushes, symmetry tools to design art and also this is having colour adjustments as well. In Addition to that Art, flow is having 11 different options for blending image. This is another useful and essential option to create a perfect art.

With this app, you can import images from your camera app or your gallery. You can even export your work to PNG, PSD or JPEG files as well. The main motto of this app is to become a universal android sketch app which helps people to replace their physical sketchpad work to digital.

Most of the people love this Art flow app because it is free. Even though this app is free in Google play store but this app will not have clumsy and disturbing ads that is another plus point for this app.


4. Paper Draw:

Paper Draw app helps you to bring the real-life drawing experience to digital life. This app offers all the primary features which are needed to design a perfect art. User Interface of the app is just fantastic and it will give you the real-life drawing experience. That’s the reason why I am mentioning this app in this list of “ Best drawing apps”.

This App is having wide ranges of features such as verity of brushes, rulers, erasers and more. With this app, you can import your pictures into a base mode or transparent mode as well. This feature helps the pro designer more than starters.

By using the transparent mode, you can trace your original image, and you can start drawing above it. The other mode of this app is based mode; in this mode, you can learn drawing by seeing the lines and curves.

You can add text to your images; add custom covers, graphics and more with this user-friendly app. This app has an excellent rating in Google play store and apart from that this is one of the best  drawing apps for android which helps you to design great images.

5. DotPict:

When you are looking for free and best drawing app for Android, then you should try DotPict. It is because Dot pick is a unique android drawing app which gives more fun to the artists.

This app lets you do all the work through the pixel art. Kids love this app because of most of the kids like pixel arts. With this app, you can zoom your image and do all the required changes to it.

With Dot Pict, you can autosave your image, and you can quickly import or export your work. Although this dot pict app is not having various features like other android drawing apps, but this is having enough features.

If you are the one who loves to create pixel drawings, then Dot pict is the first and best option for you. I have primarily included this app in this list of best drawing apps for Android just because kids and some adults love this app.

6. Ibis Paint X:

Ibis Paint X is another useful best android drawing 2018 app which comes with handy features. This app has a unique feature that helps you to record your screen while you are drawing your image.

With this app, you can record your drawing, and you can even share that drawing process with others. In addition to that this app is having More than 143 Brushes, which includes brush pens, dip pens, felt pens, digital pens, airbrushes and more.

Ibis Paint X app gives you wide range of options in pro versions, but the free version is more than enough for most of the beginners and intermediate artists. When you strive for more features, then you can upgrade your app to pro version which gives you a lot of features.

This is an app you have to try at least once when you think about the drawing apps. You can even call this app as the in-depth drawing app as well because of its unique features.

7. Learn How to Draw:

If you want to learn drawing means, this is the best app which helps you to learn how to draw. This app is having lots of tutorials about how to draw lines, curves, shapes and more. You can find each and every tutorial for an aspect of drawing in Learn How to Draw app.

Along with those tutorials, this app is also having lots of useful and unique drawing features which helps even a beginner to get started quickly with “drawing”.

I have noticed that this app is a friendly and useful app for most of all the artists. That’s the reason why I am listing this app in this “ best drawing apps for android” List. This app is regularly updated, and you can see lots of fresh and new tutorials video every week.

8. Medibang Paint:

Medibang Paint is an app which enhances your drawing skills. This app is a cross-platform app which supports windows, android, IOS. You can quickly use this app anywhere you want. Meidbang Paint App has a cloud saving feature which helps you to start your work in any spot or on any other platform. That is a quality feature from the Medibang paint app.

Along with that this app is also having lots of brushes, paints, and other free comic drawing tools. That’s the reason why I have listed Medibang paint on this list of best drawing apps for android 2018.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the software that is widely used by professional artists. It allows you to edit and create some really sophisticated photo effects, by manipulating images and colors. Many people who are looking for a bit of help with photography, know that this software can be used to create some very professional looking effects. Adobe Photoshop is popular in the world of graphics design and art, because it makes your images look like a real professional. Photoshop can be used to create professional-looking photos, that you can use for marketing campaigns, or to just take as a personal touch.

There are many benefits to using Adobe Photoshop sketch. You can use it to create your own photo albums and view them at your leisure. You can add textures and colors to enhance the photos and look better than if you had uploaded them directly to the web. It also lets you change the lighting and the contrast of the photos, so you get a totally different look. A lot of photographers like to use Adobe Photoshop to create their own photo album websites. By changing their photos slightly, they can create different looks.


This is all about the best drawing apps for Android in 2018. I hope I have listed out each and every useful android drawing app on this list.

If you think that I have missed any app in this list? Then feel free to comment me in the comment section. I’ll have a look at your comments, and I’ll update this post. Visit this site for more useful and informative articles.

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