5 Best Meme Generator websites and apps

Best Meme Generator websites and apps

Meme Generator websites: Finding good memes generator websites and apps is hard.

Although by searching you should get a few sites that searching takes a lot of time. And it’s much harder to find the best meme generator because there are tons of them out there.

No matter how many you try, you’ll find some bad sites which don’t have proper memes.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the best meme generator websites and apps in 2018. We have analyzed hundreds of meme sites and sorted out some best meme generators websites and app especially for you.

Usually, memes are super things which are useful and hilarious. That’s why you should have a good meme generator app to help you out and get good memes.

Meme Generator Meme Generator websites

Now, let’s get into the list of best meme generator websites and apps in 2018.

Firstly, I’ll start this list with the best meme generator websites.

Then I’ll cover the best meme generator apps.

Best Meme Generator websites in 2018:

In this internet world, memes are hovering around our social feeds every day. It is also impossible to browse at least a day without seeing memes. That’s the craze of the memes in this modern high tech world.

As you are interested in figuring out the best meme generator websites, Let’s go through that list of meme maker.

Meme Generator:

When are you trying to create memes? Just hover over to the meme generator website and start building a quick meme with this best tool. With this user-friendly tool, you can quickly create browse around some of the best memes which are presenting trending on the internet. You can even select them, and you can edit them to create your style of memes.

This site is a popular site to find and create awesome memes for your social media feeds. Sites name is also easy to remember, and it is a fast loading so you can quickly have some fun with it.

Quick Meme:

Are you searching for best memes here and there on the internet? Then don’t worry, skip all those searching and visit quickmeme sites. This site will have all the best and trending memes on its homepage itself. It is a simple and user-friendly site which is readily understandable by the average internet user as well.

This user-friendly tool is having one of the best and quickest meme generator available online. You can browse this site for featured, random, new and trending memes on the home page. Along with that, you can create your meme just by uploading your image.

You can even add various types of text and other clips for your meme from the quick meme editor. If you are enthusiastic to create the best meme on your own, then hover over to the Quick meme site and start building.

Meme Center:

Meme center is another fantastic website you can use to create great memes online. This is a user-friendly site with lots of creative options. It is almost similar to the other meme generator sites, but the difference between them and this site is “ meme center has more features in the editor.”

You can quickly search for the best and funny image in all types of categories in this tool. Along with the funny pictures you can even upload and create animated gif memes in this tool as well. So if you are wondering to develop tremendous and fabulous memes?

Make use of this useful meme generator website.


Troll me is another website where you can create funny memes to share online. This is a useful tool which is pretty much similar to the sites above. You can quickly browse or upload your favorite image in this editor, and you can start creating your meme.

You can even add different types of text to your meme. Here to use this popular meme editor all you have to do is create a free account and start creating and sharing your memes as well.


Typically this is the best site which is having a decent iPhone app as well. The DIYLOL is one of the best tools to create memes easily. Here all you have to do is pay a visit to this site and check the hilarious memes around the place. If you find the best meme means you can use it or else create your meme in a few minutes with the help of this lovely meme generator website.

Until now we have seen the best meme generator websites. Now, let’s get into the other list of generators.

Those are best meme generator apps in 2018.

Let’s jump into it,

Best Meme Generator Apps for Android in 2018:

In this list, I’m going to show you the best and free meme generator apps for android. So, let’s get into the list

Mematic meme generator app:

When you think about the best meme generator apps, this is the first one you have to use. It is a free app which has a decent amount of options to create a fabulous meme.

This app contains a library of meme templates here all you have to do is edit those standard templates and create your names and share them with your friends.

In this app, you can even change the template images, and you can upload and create your meme. This app has a simple user interface which is best, and it is not having bugs. I mostly like this app because it is not having any in-app purchases. The only problem with this app is it has ads.

GATM ( Generate All the Memes) Meme generator:

Gatm meme generator is another useful meme generator which is having lots of features. This is a premium app which is having in a premium membership option. In this app, you can find a library where you can choose and create your meme. It’s easy to use as drag and drop to create popular memes.

Like all the meme generator apps this is also having meme templates and same old features. In the free version you will have lots of apps, and in pro version, you will not have ads. The pro version cost is $1.95.

Memedroid meme generator apps:

If you like using old version memes and new version meme, then this memedroid is the best option. It is one of the oldest meme generator apps. Although the features of this app won’t change and they are pretty much similar to the other apps.

In this memedroid, you can upload gifs, photos, and you can create your captions. Apart from that, you can use older and evergreen meme templates to impress others. This app is having lots of ads, and so mostly it will crash from time to time. Although this is a good meme generator app if you don’t like ads means to avoid this app.


Tumblr is another active app which is having lots of features. Most of you might be confused because Tumblr is a social network. Technically speaking Tumblr is a social network but this app has unique features which allow you to share gifs. You can quickly create gifs, and at the same time, you can even get different stickers and text as well.

Meme Generator by ZomboDroid:

When are you striving to see lots of meme templates at the same time? Visit zombodroid meme generator tool. This too is having both free and paid versions. It is almost identical to the above apps, but this app is having an extensive collection of meme templates than other apps.

That’s the reason why most of the people like to access this app. Although it has more memes, this app is mostly incompatible with some Samsung devices. It always shows bugs in those mobiles. So, that’s a reason why I am listing it in the last position. Although it has flaws, it is worth a try because of its gifs templet database.

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