7 Enhanced features of Windows 10 Phone

Windows 10 Phone is having some ravishing features in its new upgraded version.

You might already know that window 10 phones are facing a hard time in mobile markets and along with that, these windows 10 phones are facing some biggest challenges from competitors.

So, they have enhanced their smartphone features to compete with the competitors. They concentrated mainly on the changes in its previous models.

As we all know, the smartphone markets are dominated by the lights of Android and Apple operating systems. Microsoft has taken a forward step to compete against them to raise its popularity. So it is mainly focused on its new “windows 10 phone” features and came up with some top notch features and settings.

The latest windows 10 phone is pretty faster, and it has a user-friendly interface. The primary and efficient features which are helpful for all people is its integration with the Microsoft linked products.

It has given all the users to use all the Microsoft apps quickly and these type of features mainly utilized by all those who work a lot with Microsoft’s products.

Enhanced features of Windows 10 Phone

Enhanced Notification:

Windows 10 on phones will quickly allow all the users to reply to messages and also to interact with the notification in a quick time. This is one of the enhanced notification of the windows phone.

If you are closely paying attention to the notification features to easy your stress in interacting with notifications, then this enhanced notification is best. Windows 10 is bringing start menu, advanced Cortana, hologram, Action Center and more.

Windows phones come with the new capabilities of displaying more sophisticated notification into the radical way. If you are a gadget freak who seek entire notification panel for your uses, then this is one of the best features.

Alarms, Skype calls, and other notifications stay on top of the screen. All you have to do is press snooze button for the alarms and other notification. If you are out of your mobile, then all your Skype calls will stay out of the notification panel to remove all the clutter from the place of notifications.

When you re-access the mobile, then you can get the notification on top. With the single tap, you can quickly call to others.

Quick Actions:

Finally after a little discomfort quick action swipe downs of Windows 8.1. Lastly, it gets a perfect update to the immediate action. Windows 10 phones have more quick action buttons, and along with that, it is also having the new expand arrow option.

You can quickly swipe down and change your settings with the help of the quick action buttons. This feature has three rows unlike Windows 8.1 it doesn’t have messy four rows. So this is comfortable than most of the other devices other than Apple.

Project Spartan Browser:

Project Spartan browser is a special browser on which Microsoft is continuously working on. It is a long tested project which is having blazing speed and handy tools to interact with live web pages.

Through this Project Spartan browser, you can choose various tools to do some cool stuff such as handwriting markup, reading view, on screen browser, sharing web pages with friends, etc.

This Spartan browser is the fastest loading web browser which is created by the Microsoft team, and it has all the modern day web standards included in its coding.

Secure Email and social media integrations:

Windows phone is having an easy email and social media integrations in its social hub. It has a mission to build easy to use interface for all its customer. So it has come up with this easy integration methods.

The People hub gets all updates from the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

You don’t have to use the separate app to check your friend’s status and other updates notification. All those can be seen in a single place that is in the people’s hub.

This feature is better than the Android feature because it is very easy to use and also the Facebook integration are pretty easy.  Along with that tagging photos on Facebook is easier than the Android devices. So this feature is best in class feature for this windows 10 phone.

On screen microphone keyboard:

If got used to the apple’s iPhone tap a microphone phone then you will love this feature as well. This is a new feature in Windows 10, although this feature is there in windows 8.1 but it is limited to the messaging, email and Cortana searching but now you can get throughout the phone, so you don’t have to worry about the other options.

You can tap the microphone anywhere and just speak up on your phone to get what you want.  You can see a microphone button on your text in each and every screen so that you can quickly enter text by speaking.

Microsoft integration and support:

If you like Microsoft products and strive to use those in your particular sections, then you would love this window phone 10 because this phone works well with the Microsoft products like Skype, one note, MS Office, Outlook and more.

Generally, if you use Microsoft products to edit files in Android, you have to purchase it. But with the windows phone 10 you can get it for free, and you can easily edit all files with excel, power point, word and more.

This Windows 10 phone is integrated with the one drive so that all its users can easily store all their files on the Microsoft cloud storage services.

Customization options of the home screen and Xbox gameplay:

Windows phone has some best customization options on the lock screen. It is having more customization options than the Android devices. You can easily change your background pictures in lock screen settings. Along with that, you can get the integrations of live apps as well in windows phone.

You can integrate it with the apps like Facebook displays and google pictures or Bing picture of the day etc.

Apart from the customization option users can also play Xbox games on their mobile phones. If you have an Xbox, then windows phone is one of the best integration you have to do to play best games even on low RAM devices as well.

Xbox functionality is one of the best experience Microsoft has bought the windows phone. You can play all types of games such as Airborne, jetpack, six guns, Asphalt, etc.


This is all about the seven enhanced features of the Windows 10 Phone. I hope you all liked this article. If you have anything to say then you can say them in the comment section.

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