How to track lost Android phone or stolen Android phone? Complete guide

How to track lost android phone:  In this hectic day to day life, people are often busy with some works. While doing their tasks sometimes, people may misplace their mobile phone in some place or other.

In some cases, you might visits some places and might have left your phone in those places. After a few hours when you check your pocket, then you can find that you do not have your mobile with you.

At that point in time, you will be tensed.

Am I wrong?

I hope I am not because at that time that is the perfect reaction.

Apart from that, your mind will start thinking that did I leave it at the restaurant?

Did I leave it at the place I have visited?

Did I bring that from home?
Finally, did someone steal it?

These are questions which often confuse your mind, and your heartbeat will be increasing because you are in a tensed mode at that particular time.

Usually, if you are an iPhone user, then you are having “Find my iPhone” option. But, if you are having an android phone means how you can find your stolen Android phone?

How to track lost android phone?

If you are finding it hard to find the proper solution to “How to track lost android phone” then don’t worry here in this article I’ll show you how to track the lost android phone in all the ways.

How to track lost android phone
How to track lost android phone

How to track lost Android Phone?

Nowadays, most of the android phones are coming with the option find my device. This option is formerly called as android device manager. Find my device option is a built-in option on many android phones.

By this option, you can automatically track your mobile phone’s location. So, if you misplaced your android phone somewhere you don’t know then you can follow lost android phone by using your laptop or another phone to find out its last location.

By using this feature, you can even lock your phone off you can erase your Android device data as well. So, you don’t have to fear if your Android device is lost, when you set up the find my device option on your phone.

If you didn’t set up that option means you have to hurry in setting up that option because that can only save your phone even when it’s lost. In case you didn’t set up this option means you can’t find your device.

That’s why you have to activate “find my device” on your phone. If you are finding it hard to activate that option means here is the guide to enable “find my device” option on your android phone.

How to activate “find my device option” on your Android device:

In most of the android devices, you can find this option comfortably in your settings tab itself. In case, if you can’t see the option on your phone. Then you can download it from the Google play store.

Here are the proper steps to activate “find my device” option:

1. Hover over to the settings option on your Android device.


2. Then tap on the security option.
3. After that, tap on the device administration.

4. Then click on the find my device option.

5. When you click it, you can find the check mark on the find my device checkbox.
6. Then come back to the normal settings menu.
7. Click on the location services option in the settings menu.

8. This option will be right on top of the security option.
9. Then on your location services so that it turns on.
10. After turning on, you can find an option below that saying “Mode.”

11. Click on that mode option.
12. Then select high accuracy option.
13. After that go back to the location services again.
14. Go and click on Google Location history.
15. Turn on use location history.

16. Underneath that option, you can find your device option make sure you turned on that option.

This is ” How to track lost android phone.” By this method, you can quickly track your device when your device is misplaced somewhere or when someone has stolen it.

Now, let’s see the other options available to find your stolen device.

How to track your android phone with Google?

Whenever you lose your Android device or misplaced your android device, you can locate its location just by using Google. You can get perfect location by accessing your Google account from any mobile device or laptops as well.

Here is the process to track your Android device with Google.

1. First of all, go to a web browser on your android phone or laptop.
2. Then navigate to Google search engine.
3. Type “find my phone android” in the Google search box.
4. Then click on the find my device option
5. Or you can find your phone from my account as well.
6. Enter your email address and password usually and log into your account.
7. When you log into your account, you will find three options over there.

8. First option: Play sound— this option will help you to ring your device. Even if is in silent mode it will constantly ring for 5 minutes.
9. Second option: Lock: This is a useful option. If you don’t want others to access your essential messages Or Other phone numbers?

Then you can lock your phone with this option.

10. Third option: Erase: With this option, you can quickly erase all the content on your device. But if you do this, you will no longer have access to that device, and you can’t locate the device.

If this method is not working means, your lost android device doesn’t seem to be connected to the internet. Only if that happens, this process won’t work, but this will surely work if your lost device is connected to any WI-FI or another available network.

If you are Samsung user, then you can try other option that is finding my mobile for Samsung. This feature is much similar to the “find my phone” of Google.

Find my mobile for Samsung:

1. In this option firstly you have to open a web browser.

2. Then you have to go to “ in your web browser.
3. Tap sign in button which is present in the middle of the website page.
4. Then enter your login credentials that means—your Samsung registered email id and password.
5. After that click on “ I’m not a robot.” With this, you will log in to your account.
6. Now, you can see the list of mobile phones and tablets you are using.
7. In that, select the device which is stolen.
8. Once you choose that phone, you will get the location of your Samsung phone.
9. Samsung has two options those are lock my device — which secures your device and prevent the stolen person to access your phone. Another option is to wipe my device this option helps you to wipe out all the necessary data on your phone.

Note: This process will work similar to the Google’s “find my phone” option. Only when your stolen mobile is connected to wifi or other mobile networks your location can be tracked.

How to track lost phone with Google maps?

You can track locations through your google maps app as well. Google map is a primary app which is used by most of the people to know locations. If you are using for that, then you can even you this app for tracking purpose as well.

But, this is also similar to the other two options. This will work only if your stolen Android phone is connected to the data connection or wifi. Now let’s get into the process of locating and tracking stolen android phone with Google maps.

1. Firstly, hover over to the Google maps app.
2. Sign into your Google account.
3. Then tap on the menu icon which is present in the upper left corner.
4. After that select your timeline.
5. Now can set the date, month and year to track your location history for the day when you lost your android phone.

These are three best ways in this “How to track lost android phone” article to recover your lost android phones. Apart from these three ways, you can try third-party apps as well to identify your phone location as well.

Let’s discuss how to track lost android phone with the third-party apps which help you to recover your stolen phone.

How to track lost android phone with third-party apps:

Generally, there are lots of apps hovering around the Google play store to safeguard your phone. But in those third-party apps, I’ll list out few apps which are better in performance and rating wise in this post of “how to track lost android phones.”

1. Family Locator app:

Family locator app is useful in finding location. This app helps you to simplify your life by creating a family group. You can track those group members’ locations anytime in your map privately. This won’t be visible to others so with that location you can simply find your phone. Apart from that this app is also having a diverse array of features which helps in finding stolen phones quickly.

This app helps you to create a closed and private group where you can track other people location any time anywhere. With this app, you can even chat with other people in that circle. Although this is not that best option from above two options, but it works.

2. Prey Anti-theft:

Prey Anti-theft is another app which helps you to locate locations of devices you use. You can protect three variant devices with one download. This app has a feature which allows you to find your misplaced phone by an alarm sound. You can even take screenshots when your mobile is in use. So, that you can find out which person has stolen your mobile.

This is another anti-theft app which is helpful to track down lost phones. In fact, this apps primary focus is to find the lost android devices. When you install this anti-theft app on your phone, this app silently tracks your device remotely by using GPS geolocation so that this can help you to find accurate location of your lost Android device.

3. Cerberus anti theft:

Cerberus anti-theft app is another impressive app which helps to recover your stolen Android phone. With this Cerberus theft app, you can remotely control your device through SMS or from the website as well.

This application helps you to track the location of your android phone. The features in this app are impressive you can quickly take a picture of the thief without his notice and also you can ring an alarm when you misplaced your phone. This app is not a free app, but you can get a free trial for a week. You can make use of this app thats why i have listed this in How to track lost android phone topic.

4. Where’s my Droid:

Where’s my Droid is a useful app which has similar features to the above apps?

With this app, you can ring your phone if you misplaced it anywhere in your house. Or you can track your phone location by using its GPS feature.

These are the essential features of this app you can even prevent unauthorized persons from accession your phone by using lock option. Premium version of this app helps you to wipe out all the data from your phone and having few more options, but you have to pay for that. That’s why I have listed this app below in this article How to track lost android phone.


When you misplace your phone, or someone steals it. At that point of time don’t be tensed just follow these solutions to find out your stolen phone. In this how to track your lost phone article I have mentioned almost all the options which are helpful in recovering your android phone in this article “How to track lost android phone”.

Follow these methods to track your phone. Also, make sure you activate find my phone feature on your phone before misplacing. I am saying this because prevention is better than cure. So, just try to enable all the options and be safe. I hope this article “How to track lost android phone” helped you.

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