10 Best Android Apps For Kiddos 2015

10 Best Android Apps For Kiddos 2015. Advancement in technology whether gadgets or the related music,social networking or gaming apps has not only influenced elderly, but has reached the little palms of toddlers and kids too. Moreover, this addiction is so much that a child in every corner will always be seen playing amusing games on the handsets. Google Play store keeps launching simple, interesting and comical games for children, enforced with too much leisure so that they can  can derive ample pleasure as well as discover something new everyday.. Refine your mood by just installing delightful apps for your kids to actively participate in learning,drawing, playing and adventuring through colossal collection of apps ready to please your child’s creative minds. You can easily access the Best Android Apps For Kiddos 2015 available in both free as well as paid versions here.

Kids Paint Free

It is one of the most amazing free painting program for kids that helps you draw beautiful art with different color choices. You can take picture, import photo, and save the drawing to the photo gallery.

Kids Learn to Read 

All-in-one pack receiving ABC letters and ABC phonics followed by ABC trains and sight words for your child’s progress and positive reinforcement as well as parents assurance that their baby is having a gala time in learning process.

Kids Preschool Puzzles

You can slide and snap the colorful puzzle pieces into place where they fit snugly to reveal the hidden images such as animals, food etc. Child’s enthusiasm to solve the puzzle will engage him into work of depicting useful information out of game.

Hair Salon – Kids Games

It’s a fun game for kids who love to design various hairstyles and makeover using special tools and techniques. Girls find this app more entertaining and simple.

Math for kids

This app is dedicated to children to improve their command on mathematics, counting and calculations without a studious feel. Your toddler will enjoy, understand and  learn every topic very quickly.

Fun Piano for kids

The kid piano game is specially designed for kids to play and learn for relaxation. It is an awesome app for learning music and instrument playing with cute animated animal icons that are eye-catching to kids.

Word Game For Kids

It is an interactive educational game, that teach to spell and write over 120 words through  a game activity exclusively developed for  babies, toddlers, preschoolers or  kindergartners.

Human Body Parts for Kids

This talking body app will help in teaching kids by recognizing letters, numbers, colors, and shapes in order to expand concepts and learning skills.

Animals Games for kids

This entertaining and educational game aim to teach children shapes, image recognition, and number pronunciation by finding pairs of animal-related images.

Formula Car Game

The idea behind fun formula car racing game with classic 2D graphics is to keep the car on track, avoid other cars and collect fuel tanks in order to keep running before fuel runs out.

These games improve reading and writing skills, word recognition, memory by increasing motivation to understand while playing.

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