How to make your torrent Download Speed 200%- 400% faster?

Torrent download speed faster: Are you struggling with your torrent download speed? Do you want to increase your torrent speed? Then there is a detailed guide on “how to make your torrent download speed faster (200%-400%)”.

In this article, I have covered all the aspects of torrent downloading starting from general methods to advanced methods.

If you follow this guide, you can quickly increase your torrent download speed faster up to 200%- 400%.  Most of the people are familiar with torrents these days, so I think I don’t have to mention about torrent that’s why I am directly going into the topic.

Torrent download speed faster
Torrent download speed faster

How to make your torrent Download speed faster (200% – 400%):

Sharing files has been more comfortable these days by using torrent clients. If you are relatively new to the torrents means you will know how to download torrent files and how to load them and so on. But you might not know how to make your torrent download speed faster. That’s why we are here to help you by giving various methods.

Firstly, by using torrent clients, you can download any torrent with average speed. But, if you want to enjoy maximum speed from the torrent clients, you have to apply advanced settings to the torrent client.

In this article, I’ll let you know about the “how to make your torrent download speed 200%- 400% faster by changing some settings to your torrent clients.

Firstly, I’ll explain you about the Utorrent because this is one of the best and popularly used torrent clients. Apart from this, the process of bit torrent is also similarly if you see these methods you can quickly apply them on the bit torrent. Let’s get into the topic of how to make utorrent download faster?

How to make Utorrent Download faster in simple steps?

When you hover over the web, you can find out a lot of articles about the torrent download speeds. In this article, I have mentioned all those methods and ways which are used to increase your torrent download speed in a single article.

Have a glance at the article.

  1. Install lightweight torrent client:

If you want to increase your torrent download speed, the primary thing you have to do is download and install the lightweight torrent clients. There are a number of torrent clients available these days in those torrent clients always select thin torrent clients such as Utorrent or BitTorrent. In some cases, you can even use qBittorrent as well.

The primary reason to use the lightweight torrent client is that it focuses on just downloading torrent files, and it will leave all the clutter aside but when you choose heavyweight torrent clients means it focuses on both so there will be a delay in downloading torrents.

In this topic, I’ll cover utorrent and BitTorrent ways to increase the download speed. Once you download and install utorrent the second thing you have to do is choose a perfect and healthy torrent to download.

  1. Choose a Perfect torrent which has good seeders and leecher:

When you think about downloading a torrent, all you have to do is download a perfect and healthy torrent. Here good torrent is nothing but the torrent which has a higher number of seeders and leecher.

If you are new to torrent means these two terms might create some confusion for you. Here I’ll try to explain them quickly. Seeders are those who already download the file from the shared network group. Initially, the person who uploads the torrent will seed to the others.

When it comes to leechers: leechers are the persons who don’t have the complete copy of the file or the person who just joined the network to download the specific file. Once when the person completes their download, he/ she become a seeder. You can even observe this in your torrent client as well. When your torrent is finished, you can see the term seeding.

Now to get high download speed for your torrent, you have to check the number of seeders and leechers. The more seeders you have, the higher download speed you will get to your torrent. Always make sure that you have a high number of seeder and leechers to the torrent file.

  1. Allow Utorrent through your windows firewall:

You should allow Utorrent through your windows firewall to increase your torrent download speed. If you don’t allow Utorrent through your windows firewall means it can block your Utorrent client connections. So, you will lose your download speed that’s why don’t block Utorrent through your windows firewall. Enable upnp port mapping to enhance  the internet speed.

If you want to increase your download speed, then allow utorrent through the Windows firewall. To do that follow this process:

First of all, open your Utorrent and hover over to the “Option” button.

Then select preferences from that option tab.

Most of you might be tempted to turn off your firewall for download speed but don’t do that it’s risky. If you turn off your firewall means your PC will face a lot of malware and virus threats. So, don’t turn off of your firewall all you have to do is add an exception that’s it.

  1. Optimize utorrents by Changing General Settings:

Optimizing utorrents is vital to get good maximum download speed. To maximize utorrent, you have to activate three option.

  • Firstly, Open your Utorrent and hover over to the Options tab.
  • Then Go to Preferences > General Settings.


  • After that check the option “ Append.!ud to incomplete files.”
  • Besides that, you will find other option “ Pre-allocate all files” check that option as well.
  • Below them, you can see the third important option “Prevent Standby if there are active torrents.” Checkmark these three options and click apply > ok.
  • These three options help you to make your torrent download faster.
  1. Tweak Global Upload and Download Rate:

To increase your torrent download speed, you have to control your global upload and download rate. The basic fact you have to understand here is “torrent lives by the uploading done by users. So, it is not an ideal option to restrict your upload seep to 1Kb or turning your upload off at the same time it is not a wise option to set your upload rate maximum because it can knock out your own connection.

The ideal way to control your upload rate is by setting upload rate to about 80- 85% of your maximum upload speed. When coming to download speed, you can keep your download rate to 0 ( 0 refers to Maximum).

  1. To change these value, hover over to the Options > Preferences > Bandwidth.
  2. Then set the global Upload rate limiting as 85% of your maximum upload.
  3. Correct the Number of Connections:

After setting up the download and upload rate of the torrent, you have to set the number of connections. Changing the number of connections is used to avoid the overload of the torrent client.

If you have good touch in changing connection number means you can quickly change the numbers as you wish. But if you aren’t very much sure of what to do means, I will give you some basic numbers which are useful in increasing your download speed. Check the box of wi fi to enable the internet connection.

  • Firstly, to change the numbers of connection open the utorrents.
  • Go to Options > Preferences > Bandwidth.
  • Then change the global maximum number of connections option to (150) in other cases if you are good speed internet means you can use (2329)
  • Change the Maximum number of connected peer per torrent to (100) but if you have high-speed internet means change it to 257.
  • Change number of Upload slots per torrent to 14.
  1. Optimize the Port Settings:

To Increase your torrent download speed, you have to allocate the port numbers. Utorrent is having the port numbers between 6882 and 6999. Generally, if you have good knowledge on ISPs means you can understand this port number. If not, let me explain. I used these port numbers to avoid conflicts within your system IPs and also to avoid throttling.  The best recommendation is to keep your port number between 10000 and 12000.

  • To do this open your Utorrent and select Options tab.
  • Select “Preferences” from the Options menu and from that select Connection. [ Option > Preferences > Connection. ]
  • Now change the port numbers anywhere between 10000 and 12000.
  1. Queuing Streamlines:

When you keep three or more downloads at the time, your download speed will automatically decrease because it is downloading three or more torrent at a time. This will affect speed, so it is better to keep Queuing set up. It will help you to download several torrents one after the other. This will give your torrent good download speed.

  • Firstly, Open Utorrent and select options.
  • Hover over to the preference and then to Queuing.


  • Then Set the maximum number of active torrents to 5.
  • Set Maximum number of active downloads to 5.
  • Along with those set seeding global minimum ration to 0.

Although this is a simple step, but it works excellently.

  1. Add Trackers to your torrent:

Trackers are helpful to increase your torrent download speed. Technically speaking, trackers are the server which communicates between two peers to quickly transfer files by using the torrent clients.  By adding new and faster trackers to your torrents can increase your torrent download speed massively by adding new seeds and peers for your connection.

Most of you might think adding trackers to the torrent is complicated, but frankly, it is not that complicated. You can quickly do that process all you have to do is paste the following trackers in your torrent.

Let’s add new trackers to your torrent.

  • To add trackers, firstly open Utorrent.
  • Then right click on the torrent you are downloading.
  • After right clicking the torrent select properties.
  • Click on the general tab you will find all the list of trackers available on your torrent client.
  • All you have to do is scroll down and paste the trackers at the bottom of the trackers.

Note: when you paste the new trackers make sure you don’t erase old existing trackers.

List of New torrent trackers:




















10. Finishing up advanced tweaks by prioritizing torrent:

After applying all the above tweaks to your torrent finally prioritize your torrent. To prioritize your torrent you have to make that torrent file first choice. That means you have to choose the torrent as the first choice of resources and bandwidth.

  • Firstly, right click on the torrent file.
  • Then choose bandwidth allocation and then press high.
  • Similarly, right click on the other torrents you have in the downloading process.
  • Select bandwidth allocation for those torrents as low.

Then you can automatically get massive speed for your prioritized torrent. These are the best possible ways to speed up your torrent download speed.


These are the best ways to increase your torrent download speed. By following these techniques you can increase your torrent download speed up to 200%-400% faster than usual download speed. Hope you all liked these techniques and methods to make your torrent download faster. if you are having any queries regarding these methods then you can comment us in our comments section.