5 Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones

5 Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones

People always expect more from any products. So usually, people are enthusiastic to get more from anything.

If you are a passionate person who wants to take full control of your mobile. Then you should root your device.

Usually, almost all smartphones don’t give complete access to your android phones they restrict different sections in the phone. They only provide outer usage space and other access.

They won’t give control to access the customized Roms and other features etc. And they will always restrict this access to keep their brand name and other implementation of the phone.

But, if you want to access the full capabilities of your phone then you should root your device to get access to the restricted parts as well.

I think you might be having doubt that what is rooting process? Right

If you had that doubt, don’t worry I am going to resolve your doubt.

What is rooting android phones?

Rooting Android phones is nothing but a process where you can get full access to the root of the Android. This process allows you to gain access to Android operating system code it gives you access to modify the code on the device and to change the software or the other codes. You can either remove or install the apps which aren’t removed or which aren’t typically installed.

This is called as the rooting process, but when it comes to the Apple phone, then this is called as the jailbreaking instead of rooting.

Now, if you have a rooted device, then you want to get rid of someone’s control over your phone and Google control over your apps. Then you can install the customized ROMs, and you can simply get rid of the controlling devices.

It is also helpful to install almost any app when you have done with the rooting process. You can access a vast collection of the apps on your Android phones which aren’t typically installed on your phone.

After rooting it naturally become your device and especially you will feel your phone as a personal PC after rooting process has done.

If you want the best apps to install on your rooted Android phones, then I have come with the best list of apps which are perfectly suitable for the rooted android phones.

Let’s go further,

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones:

  1. Greenify the battery improvement app:

Greenify is one of the best apps which improves your battery performance. It isn’t a rooted Android phones; you can also access this app with non-rooted phones as well. But when you are using the rooted phone you can have better control over the app. It improves your battery life and enables the Doze mode soon when it’s needed.

If you use this app, you can easily keep unwanted apps from consuming your battery by keeping them into the hibernate mode. So that those apps will not be awake until you open them, and so your battery life will be extended.

The Best option for this app is Aggressive Dose which means it directly enables the Doze mode of the Android faster than the regular activity and it also analyses all the apps you have installed and simply close them and saves your battery life. If you strive to save your battery life, then this is must App.

  1. Titanium Backup App:

Backup apps are critical on any device whether its PC, phone or tablet on any device the backup apps are useful.  Titanium backup is the best android app for all those who wants to keep their information stored in the form of a backup file to restore it whenever they want.

Titanium simply offers some pro features where you can easily take the backups whenever you need. Mostly this app is free and available on all platforms.  You can back up all your files, apps, data and another sort of information. This app is loved by developers and the routine uses as it helps to manage the apps smoothly as well. It is having some best features like removing the bloatware stuff, and also freezing all the apps so that they won’t drain the battery faster. You can make use of pro titanium features, and you can sync your device automatically and along with that it also has more features in its pro version.

  1. Device control app – Mainly for productivity purpose:

The primary reason to root a device is to have proper control over the Android device settings and the other option such as knowing the terms of Operating System and the hardware program. However, unless you use a dedicated app, you can access those complex data on the smartphones.

This device control app is having some unique features like vibration strength, CPU frequencies, and the LCD power, voltage control, etc.


When you root the device, you can access to the information, so this device control will turn out to be a helpful and easy tool to get even close to some sectors. It is a user-friendly tool with great UI and UX design.

  1. System App Remover – Unwanted stuff Removal:

People always want to remove unwanted apps from their devices, but in some cases, this can’t happen so to remove those unwanted apps you can use this standard Android uninstaller and people mostly root their devices to uninstall the unwanted and messy bloatware.

Now, with the system app remover you can uninstall app those apps quickly. However, the system app remover is one the must install an app for your Android devices. Because you can control your Android device without any bloatware.  You can also use this tools as App transfer and other options such as APK management tool.

This tool can notify you if when you are about to remove an app. This is vital for the smoother process of Android functionality. Along with that, this app is available for free so you can make use of this app.

  1. FX File Explorer – For managing your files effectively:

If you are an efficient user of the Android device then, I am sure that you mostly browse the file explorer. Before the rooting process, you might have fewer features of file explorer. But after the rooting process, you can simply get more options to manage your rooted android app.

This app is one of the best file explorers to transfer your data using Wi-Fi. FX file explorer is the best tool it is one of the game changers of the file explorers. Web access lets you transfer files to your device via the internet browser as well.


This is all about the best apps for rooted Android phones. If you have anything to say you can easily share your thoughts and suggestion in the comment section. I’d love to hear comments from you.

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