IPhone 8 might bring the brand new wireless charging feature

IPhone 8 might bring the brand new wireless charging feature

Apple’s iPhone is one the most popular phone where people wanted to have that phone. As the Apple’s iPhone 7 was already out there, but people are now eagerly waiting for the Apple’s new look iPhone 8.

It has been a trending topic where people strive to know about the Apple’s new game changer iPhone 8 look and other specifications.

Since 2007 thousands of people have been eagerly waiting for the Apple to unveil the rectangle look as that promises to reinvent their digital life.

2017, the tenth anniversary of original iPhone is mostly expected to be the apples biggest update.

People are simply going crazy for the Apple’s new look they are also crazy with the lots of news hovering around their heads over the social media, such as the new improvements of iPhone 8 and the wireless charging features and so on.

Most of the people don’t know whether these features are coming to the upcoming model of iPhone 8. But they strive to get those features and they are expecting a lot from the next phone.

Along with these, the new report claims that the upcoming iPhone 8 could get a feature which is brand new and not yet seen in any other devices. That is its brand new wireless charging technology.

It has never seen in any android devices or others devices, so Apple evidently wanted to make their customer go crazy with the new technology. The brand new wireless charging technology news was going crazy over the social media, and that feature will let the future iPhones to be a game changer.

This feature will let the iPhone get charged from the distance of about 15 feet that means you don’t have to mess it up with any wireless charging devices or plates.

This new technology is pretty different from the other seen wireless charging technology, so that has made the people go crazy about the iPhone 8.

The several reports suggest that the Apple may drain the “iPhone 7s” name and it going to be the next year’s new launch with the unusual name of iPhone 8.

It is especially considering the apples tenth anniversary present for the customers and it might start officially on the day of the anniversary of it may bring the mobiles available on that day.

According to the reports, Apple might use wireless technology which was developed by the energous that could let the iPhone 8 charged from the across the room.

Some reports claim that it is because of a small chip on that iPhone will let the device charge wirelessly and connect to the base station, and it can charge from the maximum distance of 15 feet. Zach Epstein of BGR says these reports.


Previous reports from BGR has suggested that the iPhone 8 wireless charging technology have the components which are mainly manufactured by the Foxconn. But the rumors claim that the wireless charging capabilities may be the exclusive features of the iPhone 8.

But the recent reports shows that the dangerous has repeatedly stated on earnings calls that it can work with the tier 1 smartphone manufacturer. And all signs in the past have pointed to the apple. (Source http://bgr.com/2016/11/08/iphone-8-rumors-wireless-charging-future-iphone/ )

These are reports on the upcoming iPhone 8, and there are some know improvement to the iPhone 8 such as the new body and it will have the better display which is expected to move from LCD Displays to OLED displays.


So, finally OLED Screens can be the found on the upcoming iPhone 8. Presently Apple using its OLED screens on its watches and they are much more impressive to give a lovely look and they offer the better contrast ratio and provides the truer colour experience. The 9to5Mac reported this information.(Source https://9to5mac.com/2015/11/25/oled-iphone-displays/ )

A Brand New Body

Many rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 will be having a new feature a wrap around, all glass display.

It will be the edge to edge technology which means you can easily say goodbye to the bezels position and instead of that, you can quickly touch the ID fingerprint sensor and the front facing camera which was built in directly. So you will into the glass made thing so hold out for iPhone 8 but just don’t drop it. MacRumors reported this story http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-8/ .


These are the upcoming features of the iPhone 8, hold your anxiety and wait until the apple’s tenth anniversary to have a look at the new iPhone 8. This is all about the iPhone 8 do you have to say anything. Then you are always welcome, do comment us and start a conversation with us.

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