Samsung Galaxy S8: Specification, features, Release date, and more

Samsung Galaxy S8: Everything about Samsung new Galaxy S8 & S8 Edge:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Each and everyone knows about the Samsung Company because it has brought some great smartphone to the world. Which are loved by millions of people throughout the globe? The companies new Samsung Galaxy S8 is another awaited phone from the company which is having lots of craze throughout the world.

The Samsung is a South Korean multinational company which is having various branches throughout the world.  It is one of the best and popular brand names throughout the world. People always expects more from the smartphone devices because the world is running towards the technology. So people are even more curious to keep their hands on the latest mobile devices which are having advanced technology features.

Samsung Galaxy S7

So, to keep people amazed Samsung has brought its Samsung Galaxy S7 in March 2016. This device is one of the advanced and updated devices of Samsung, and it got everything that people hoped. It has the improvements throughout the phone such as the most robust design, stylish look and so on. Along with these it also accomplished all smartphone features available in the market.

Samsung has given everything, but there is still lots of room for improvements and innovation. So many people strived to wait for the new upcoming device of Samsung device. As to meet the expectation of Samsung fans it is bringing its new year’s flagship device Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Lee Jae-young, the Samsung’s mobile communication vice president, has said that the new Samsung Galaxy s8 is having some great features and improvements from Samsung Galaxy S7 along with that it is having improved camera and enhanced artificial intelligence services.”

Samsung Galaxy fans

This statement has given some extra strength to the Samsung Galaxy fans.  As you can see around the web, there are lots of rumours and other hoax’s hovering over the internet.

Recently, you can see the first picture of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is relieved by the source who is seldom wrong. This new look image shows that upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the full metallic glory.

According to the rumours, you can know that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will have one new feature that hasn’t seen in any phones even on an iPhone itself.

This new Galaxy S8 will also have the “desktop mode” which is available on Microsoft Windows phones. This feature will give some tough competition to the Windows phone as well.

Let’s know the details of rumours and other specifications and other data which is available with us readily:

First, let’s see the release date because lots of people are eagerly waiting for the release date itself.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date:

Samsung is more likely to stick with its same annual release data for both of their upcoming flagship models in 2017. These two devices might launch on the same day globally. As the rumours state that the countries like South Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan are much likely to see both the available devices from the 1st week of the April. But the countries like Europe, USA and India have to wait much longer. Here they expected to release on 2nd or 3rd week in April 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is not having any official and final confirmation, but it has given some expected month that is on April 2017. This Samsung Galaxy is having different expected dates while you have a glance at the web. As for the perfect Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, the Blass reiterates that the new Samsung Galaxy s8 will have a launch event on March 29 in New York USA. He also states that both models will go on sales from April 21 onwards in the USA, Europe, and India.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Price:

As we just seen the date of Samsung Galaxy S8. Now it’s time to know about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung officially confirms that the price of new Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 edge will be slightly above than its Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge.

The rough and expected price of the Samsung Galaxy s8 5.8 inches model will be tipped to be priced at $850 USD which is approximately (Rs.57774) and when it comes to EUR, it will around 775 Euro which means (Rs.5636).

Where else its second variant 6.2 inches model will be tipped to be priced at $960 USD which is approximately around (Rs.66000) when it comes to EUR it would be around 899 Euro which means (Rs.65000).


Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked Design:

The latest and fresh Samsung Leak comes from the prolific tipster Evan Blass. He shared an exclusive photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and it gives the point to see its design. Most of the people are thinking this isn’t a Galaxy S8, but practically it is having a lot of similarities.

The Leaked Photo also proved all its previous leaks as true statements. This shared photo has both front and back view. The device is having a sports look along with the large display it is also having the Hardly and any bezel visible on all sides of the phone.

The device home button is gone missing. And you can find the fingerprint scanner right at the back of the camera. Like the other devices, the Samsung logo is also available at the back. And it is making the first sport a minimal “all – display” design.

When seeing the back part of the phone, you can see the 12-megapixel camera which sits at the top centre with the logo takes the middle spot of the phone. This image relieves that the audio jack is coming back, the length of the audio jack will be 3.5mm. Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a USB type C port and a speaker grille at the bottom of the edge. To judge the perfect placement of the button, it is not so clear to see. There is a rumour that it could be a much like Bixby assistant button.


Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked Specification:

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is having lots of stories, and along with them, you can see a lot of talk between anticipated viewers and regular people. Now you might be hearing a lot of conversations and discussions on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 specifications.  Although nothing is yet official confirmed, but you can have a glance at the specification of Samsung Galaxy S8.


Unofficial preliminary Specification:

  • Battery: 4200 mAh
  • Front Camera: 9.0 mega pixel.
  • Rear Camera (Back camera): 30 Megapixels.
  • Colours available: Black, Blue, white and gold.
  • Operating System: Android v7.0.
  • Technology: GSM/ HSPA/ LTE.
  • Dimension: 140.1*72.2*7.3 mm (5.52 *2.84 * 0.29)
  • Build with: Corning Gorilla Glass 5,
  • SIM: Single SIM or Dual SIM
  • Feature: Dustproof and water resistant over 1.5 Meters and 30 minutes.
  • Size: 5.8 (~91.7% screen to body ratio)
  • Display: 1440*2560 pixels
  • Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 back panel, 3D touch display, Touch wiz UI.
  • Processor: QualComm MSM 8998 Snapdragon 835.
  • CPU: Octa Core 3.2 GHz Processor.
  • RAM: 6 GB RAM.
  • Memory: 64 and 128 GB internal memory with expandable dual micro SD cards.

These are the unofficial specification which we are expecting in Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features:

When it comes to features, you already might hear about a lot. In that, some matter might be real, and some matter might be bogus. We can’t say really about the top notch features of Samsung galaxy s8. Unless and until Samsung releases the official statement.

But with the help of leaks through the internet you can find out the features of the Samsung Galaxy s8. The Samsung Galaxy s8 features will be mainly focusing on the security issues of the previous versions.

Samsung has lots of goals, and it said it would develop a phone which is more secure and faster than its previous versions. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is focusing on few features such as the increase in security while improving its speed. Along with that it also concentrated on some unique features which aren’t yet available on other smartphones and iPhone as well.

From past few days, we hear about the eye sensing technology which is quite real. And it seems that Samsung is making a retinal eye scanner to improve its security. As you can find the retinal eye scanner in Galaxy S7 as well but in the latest model, you can find it more responsive, and it will take lesser time to register.

The Samsung Galaxy’s new member will have the single glass like surround. We heard the rumours of the more durable enclosed glass that will hold up much better than the current Samsung Galaxy S7. As the Samsung is concentrating on the waterproof, resistant system, you can hope for the best device which is dust proof and water resistant.

Samsung’s new upcoming Galaxy S8

The device is almost ready, and people are keen to get their hands on the Samsung’s new upcoming Galaxy S8. Because of its new features such as retinal eye scanner, water resistance dual camera, etc.

Along with these, you can also expect the Android Auto, and it might become a standard feature in many future cars and motorised vehicles. This is having the ability to access the music playlists, apps and other features your smartphone to your synchronised or connected car or truck or anything.

It also has Android pay option which is starting to take off along with the Samsung pay. It gives all the consumers to spot on an upcoming Android smartphone, and it allows all the customers to check out at the global retailers safely. You don’t have to go through the messy process and hate the payment gateways.


Samsung Galaxy S8 concept and came up with:

Samsung is having a lot of reputation in mobile markets, we already know about that. The Samsung is clearly listening to its customers and also doing lots of surveys to know what consumers are wanted from the devices.

They have noted everything that what customers need and what they expect from its new models and why they choose Samsung mobiles etc. These various questions combined to form a concept of Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung mainly concentrated on its speed, and its camera features to improve its brand name. And also to stay ahead of any 2017 launch smartphone.

The features like Android Pay will be a huge boost the Samsung mobile. Because the mobile payment options are rising day by day. And people are interested in making mobile payments rather than going to desktop or going an to the offline store. So the Samsung has included this Samsung and Android pay.

You can see this type of feature in pioneered mobile payment technology for iPhone users. The mobile payment technology app in iPhone is Apple pay, this feature is pretty similar to that, but it has the both Samsung and Google stride so that this new one will have lots of options. If you strive to preorder the new Samsung Galaxy s8 in advanced, then you can do that.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Preorder:

If you endeavour to preorder Samsung Galaxy S8, then you can do that by going to the official site of the Samsung. If you want your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy device before the phone is officially launched, then you can make use of this preorder as the best option.

Those who preorder Samsung devices can have their new handsets delivered to them before a day or two. Before the official worldwide launch of all the global retailers. You can find all the top retailers opening their pre-order bookings before one week or two weeks from the official launch. If you are the person who is keen to have that before launch, then this is the right option for you.

If you are in the US, then you can easily make use of the preorder option in top carriers like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. Strive to get those links, and then you can have a glance at this site. Before one week of the launch, we will update that. If we get information bit quicker about that, then we will update it. So it’s best to visit the site frequently to get all the preorder links and along with that sometimes saving deals as well.


Wrapping up:

This is all about the features, specifications, release date and preorder details of the most awaited and anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8. If you are the one who strives to get best features smartphone in your hands. Then you can have these Samsung new warriors Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge.

In 2017 you can see lots of devices ready to launch. The expectation on devices also gone high along with that the competition is bit high. You can see the many models which are yet to launch in 2017. From the top companies such as Apple’s new iPhone 8, LG, HTC, Sony and other new brands like Comet, Robin, etc. The Interesting part we have to see is which smartphone will have a blast in markets.

With the advanced 4k technology and high camera features and lot more features I am eagerly waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and so as you. SO just share your words on Samsung S8 and S8 edge in the comments section.

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