How to use Grammarly efficiently – A complete guide for newbies 2017

Are you a writer who frequently finds errors in writing?

Do you know the fundamentals of the grammar?

If you don’t then it would be a sickening feeling to face the audience who read your content. Because of your grammatical errors in your published content.

People just don’t like grammatical errors, and most of the people just skip what they are reading just because of grammatical errors. So it is a crucial point for any writer, author or blogger.

Making mistakes in writing is typical for each and every writer. Most of you already know about that. But if you publish that mistakes article without resolving the errors, then it would be a hard feeling for any writer.

Because no author wants to publish an article with lots of grammatical errors. If they ever posted such type of content, then it simply makes the author feel sick of making such embarrassing grammar mistakes in their published article or Novel which is specially designed to share knowledge for others.

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In those type of situations, you will find many comments and tease on your writings. Even if your content has life, it won’t be seen by any of the readers just because people mostly look at those grammar mistakes and they will just revert to you by teasing or commenting about the particular grammar mistakes, etc.

It is not that easy task to take all those comments, so as a writer and blogger you have to improve your writing skills. And along with that, you have to use a proofreader tool which can quickly detect the unknown mistakes which you skipped in that content.

To know those kinds of mistakes, you should use the proofreader tool which is having some great features and along with that which shows suggestion for you to improve your piece of content.

I recently found a tool called Grammarly which is only awesome to proofread content. It is the easy tool which detects lots of grammatical mistakes.

Most of the people might already know about this Grammarly. But if you are new or just got started with Grammarly then this article will help you how to use Grammarly.

In the beginning, I used to use the free version of Grammarly but soon after knowing the features of the Grammarly tool I am using premium version. I almost got used to Grammarly from past 1 ½ year.

I always use this tool to check all the grammatically errors, and along with that, I will also check the plagiarised content. This unique feature is available only in premium plan. Another great feature of this Grammarly tool is you can just refer you friends, and you can earn Grammarly premium tool free for some period.

So if you can’t afford to pay for Grammarly, then you can refer your friends, and you can earn premium account for free.

Now you might be thinking about the features of the Grammarly and how to use it right?

Don’t worry I am going to cover everything on this topic.

How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly is a helpful tool which relieves all your grammar problems in your content. It is much similar to the google docs. You can easily understand the Grammarly tool because it has the user-friendly interface.

Here all you have to do is log in to your Grammarly account via your web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for a free account so that you can get some free features. But remember free account has very limited features. If you are a starter, then you can use the free account.

Now, after login to the account, you can find the dashboard. The panel consists of grammar editor, workspace, and along with that, it has the left menu.

The left menu contains few options one is my Grammarly option, and another one is the document. Here you can create the new black paper, or you can paste your text and also you can upload your document.

The third option is download option here you can download the edited file, or you can just copy and paste it in your workspace. Another option is document type here you can change the paper type to business, medicals, Academics, etc. you can just choose what document type you need in that option.

The other primary option is vocabulary enhancement, and this option helps to provide vocabulary improvement suggestions to diversify your writing. Along with these, you can use plagiarism checker, and this feature helps you to detect the plagiarised sentences in your content.

These are few options available on the left side menu. In My Grammarly place, you can see the documents you have edited and the documents you have to edit. You can also create a new document by hovering over to create the new option.

Along with these practical features, you can even install an extension to your browsers and install a plugin in MS Word to automatically detect errors when you write any sentences.

If you are relatively new to Grammarly, then you might have a question hovering over mind, that is “what’s special about Grammarly.” If you have this question in your mind then here is the perfect explanation of that problem.

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What’s Special about Grammarly tool?

Grammarly is a fantastic tool which lets you detect all the grammatical errors in your content, and along with that, it can easily suggest new words, new phrase and also it can indicate the passive voice and fragmented sentences in content.

This is a perfect software for all bloggers and digital marketers because mostly they always strive to produce content in that hurry most of the bloggers can make mistakes. So to avoid them they can take advantage of the efficient tool.

The best and remarkable thing about the Grammarly is, his great dictionary, and It can show all the unbiased errors and even some crappy sentences which don’t make any sense. It has the best user interface, and it is user-friendly software where anyone can use it without any stress.

These all qualities tends to make Grammarly as a unique tool for almost all the people who strives to improve their language.

After this unique qualities, most of you might think “How Grammarly is going to help writers?”.

Well, if you are having that in your mind then let me show you how it helps writers.

Grammarly Prowell Tech

How Grammarly helps writers?

The Grammarly is going to help writers effectively. This tool helps to improve your writing, and most importantly it bring back the life your words. And helps all writers to express their writing in the proper way correctly.

This tool can quickly identify all the errors, and it gives some valuable suggestion for writers to change their everyday words and phrases.

Grammarly helps writers efficiently:

  • Contributes to check grammatical mistakes.
  • It helps to resolve the confused preposition phrases and sentences.
  • This tool helps to find all the overused words and gives some valuable suggestion to improve your writing.
  • It helps to find out incomplete and fragmented sentences.
  • Grammarly contributes to finding out all the length and wordy sentences.
  • It detects all the passive voice sentences in the content.
  • Helps to show the occasional squinting modifiers and other errors.
  • It finds plagiarised words in your content.
  • This tool detects all the unclear antecedent words.
  • It helps to identify the great word pair.
  • This tool checks all the possibly miswritten words and suggests exact words.
  • It helps to find out the sentence structure.

These are the ways Grammarly helps writers. Writers can relieve their stress by finding out all the errors in their content. You can see around you most of the successful writers will use proofreaders tools, but they mostly don’t just depend on the proofreader tool. They just take the help of proofreader tool and also they will check twice or thrice manually to produce some content.

Until this point, I just discussed “how to use Grammarly and how it helps writers now let’s see the features of the Grammarly tool.

Features of Grammarly:

User-friendly Interface and Simple to use:

Grammarly is the very easy tool to use, it has user-friendly settings, and along with that, it has decent editing section which can be easily understood by anyone. This tool can easily find all the errors just by uploading or pasting the content in the Grammarly grammar checker tool.

Different Plugins and Add-ons are readily available to help users:

Grammarly is having different plugins and add-ons to help users efficiently. These plugins and add-ons can help you in many ways. For suppose if you are using google chrome browser then you can install an extension for google chrome.

If you strive to use Grammarly in Mozilla Firefox, then you can quickly add an add-on in Mozilla Firefox. You can also use these Grammarly apps in Microsoft office so that you can quickly detect errors from the MS word itself.

You can use Grammarly in windows as well. Here all you have to do is download the Grammarly native apps, and you can start editing documents with the single tap.

To activate these extensions and apps all you have to do is simply download the extensions from the Grammarly homepage and install them to activate them. After enabling the app, you can quickly check all your errors on email, facebook, blog and so on. It can be used for any purpose, so you don’t have to worry.

Advanced Proofreading software:

This Grammarly tool is having some advanced proofread in it. This is a brilliant tool which never acts like the bot. It just acts like a professor who teaches English for students. This helpful tool tracks all the errors, and it gives all the suggestion and ideas to improve your sentences.

The best of this tool is its vocabulary enhancement dictionaries. This is the remarkable feature in Grammarly which helps to detect almost all possible grammatical errors.

Genre Specific writing style checks:

Type-specific writing style tests are easy in the Grammarly premium tool. Writing styles are usually determined by the narrative technique and style of the writer. Here the Grammarly tool is going to check the similarities and subject to showcase all the genre-specific writing style errors.

Plagiarism Checker:

As the world is moving towards the digital age, the online content theft is becoming the burning problem of a lot of bloggers, marketers and more people. So Grammarly is going to help you to find the plagiarised sentences in content quickly. But this advanced and extraordinary feature is working only for the premium users. It won’t work for free accounts, so if you want to check the plagiarism when you are editing the article, then you can easily do that.

Grammarly has best plagiarism checker tool it is going to check your content with the 8 million existing and indexed web pages online. So it is the convenient feature you should use in Grammarly.

See Crystal clear explanation of grammar rules:

If you are making any mistake then this Grammarly tool helps you to find the perfect match for that sentence, and along with that it is going to explain why that is happening and why it should be there with examples, so this is one of the best features to learn English properly almost from scratch.

Access documents on multiple devices:

There is no limitation for the Grammarly tool; you can easily access the document you edited before or document you are presently writing from multiple devices. You don’t have to worry about the device change this Grammarly is compatible with all sort of devices. That’s the best part for the Grammarly tool.

These are the best and impressive features of the Grammarly tool. Along with this awesome features, the Grammarly tool has some best customer satisfaction rating.

I have said everything feature in this post now let’s see the how to use Grammarly tool.

How to use Grammarly?

Using Grammarly tool is pretty easy. You don’t find any hard methods in Grammarly. To understand easily for your convenience, I will divide this post into some part, and I will explain them clearly.

How to use Grammarly for Microsoft office?

  • If you want to use Grammarly for Microsoft Office, then you can go to this URL,
  • Then you can find Grammarly dashboard. From here just hover over to the left menu and click on the apps option.
  • After clicking on the apps, now choose the Grammarly for Microsoft Office. And then want those files to download.
  • Open the downloaded file and just launch setup and install the app by following the instruction that’s it.


How to use Grammarly browser extension?

Using Grammarly in the browser is pretty straightforward.

  • The first step you should do is hover over to the “” and click on apps.
  • Finally, choose the Google Chrome browser extension and download the extension.
  • After downloading the extension just install it.
  • If you can’t do that process then you can just hover over to the official site from google chrome then you can find the “Add to Chrome” option you can choose that and install the extension.
  • After installing the extension to your Chrome. You have to activate the Grammarly extension by logging into your account or by signing up for a free account.
  • You can find the installed extension beside the URL.


How to use Grammarly software?

The Grammarly software is a software which is dedicated to improving the content of writers by finding all the errors.

  • To install that just go the “” and just select the apps and click on Grammarly for windows button.
  • After the software is downloaded, just open the downloaded file and install it as per setup instructions that are it.

This is how to use Grammarly tool. If you are a newbie, then you can get lots of information from this article hope this article helped you.

Wrapping up:

Grammarly is one of the best proofreader tools I ever find these days. It has some great features to improve your writing. This is all about how to use Grammarly. And I hope you all liked it if you have any suggestion or doubts then you can comment us below.