Samsung makes it easy to create your own live wallpaper

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  • With Wonderland, Samsung has introduced a Good Lock module that allows you to create custom live wallpapers.
  • You can add motion and particle effects to spice up your pictures.

Samsung may have a simple solution if you are tired of the live wallpaper that came with your Galaxy phone: make your own. XDA Samsung has released a Good Lock app and module called Wonderland that allow you to create your own live wallpaper with relatively little effort.

All you have to do is choose a base image and apply both motion and particle effects to give it that extra flair. There are also pre-made templates available in case you don’t want to spend a lot of time perfecting the look. You can also preview the Wonderland wallpaper so you don’t have to apply it to your phone to see how well it works.

The wallpaper app is currently available in English and Korean from the Samsung Galaxy Store. However, it is so simple that you may not need translations if you prefer another language. No language additions are currently mentioned.

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Wonderland isn’t the most advanced live wallpaper maker out there. However, it’s free and makes live wallpapers more accessible to people who might otherwise be happy with their phone’s background information. This can be suggested to friends and family who don’t have wallpapers yet, or something to use yourself if you’d rather spend more time on your phone than tinkering with it.

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