Here’s how much mobile data you use each month

Here’s how much mobile data you use each month

Although many of us are likely to use our smartphones connected to the home or office Wi-Fi network, mobile data remains an essential resource. Whether you have a few megabytes to spare for emergencies or relying on a lot more to meet your data needs, you will likely be using cellular data at some point in the month.

In a recent survey, we asked our readers how much mobile data they use each month. The results are in now and there is a clear winner.

How much mobile data volume do you use per month?


This survey, published on September 13, had more than 2,800 responses. Interestingly, our readers noticed two of the five options, but they’re on the opposite end of the usage spectrum.

mobile data
mobile data

Around a third of our readers (33%) use more than 20 GB of mobile data per month, making them the choice with the largest share of votes. Another 14.8% of respondents use between 10.1 GB and 20 GB of data per month. A total of 63.7% of our readers use at least 5.1 GB of mobile data volume per month. This is also a surprising finding given the ubiquity of Wi-Fi networks and the recent work-from-home trend. However, when you absorb content on data-intensive platforms like YouTube and Instagram, that data evaporates pretty quickly.

However, not everyone uses their mobile data for their core needs on the Internet. The second most popular option with 25.3% of the vote is the 1 GB to 5 GB category. Another 11% of respondents use less than 1 GB of data per month.

Judging from reader comments, these numbers often vary from month to month with travel habits. However, some respondents rely entirely on mobile data for their internet needs. Some readers claim to exceed 1 TB per month in some cases. Read more anecdotes below.

Your comments

  • Brett: It depends, when I drive across the country in my car, I use tons of GPS data. If it’s a normal month I’ll probably be using around 10GB.
  • AS: I have two unlimited data sim plans, one for the house and one for my phone. I haven’t used wired broadband in over five years. I average 500-700 GB every month, but it has been known to exceed 1.5 TB in a few months. I’ll pay £ 30 for the first SIM card and £ 25 for the second, Vodafone UK. I also have a watch eSIM, and there is one in my Polestar 2, but they only use a few GB per month. I’m surprised that others don’t use as much as I do.
  • mattc: It depends if I’m traveling, not the last 2 months, but I usually use almost all of my 50GB, sometimes more when connected to my laptop.
  • Eduardo: The pandemic is not over yet and many are still staying close to home or working from home. Like me. I’m using less than 1GB these days.
  • Ahmed Rabeeh: My main internet source is mobile data. So I’m using almost 120 GB per month. By the way, I’m from India.
  • the second sight: My mobile data usage has plummeted since the beginning of the pandemic last year. Since I work from home, I spend most of my time on Wi-Fi.
  • Elven: I use around 250+ GB of mobile data volume every month.

That’s it for this poll. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have any other comments about your mobile data usage or survey results, please post them below.

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