Android’s competitor during week of November 6, 2020

2020 MacBook Air test opened and turned on

This week we saw the official announcement of a new hardware event in Apple News. We expect Apple to launch the first ARM-based MacBooks next week. However, it is unclear when these MacBooks would be available or what else the company might announce.

In other Apple news, we have that Android Authority When we tested the iPhone 12 Pro (the iPhone 12 test will be available soon), we received some new information about the iPhone 12 Mini and learned about new content for the Apple TV Plus.

Please see the Apple News summary below for the latest information.

Last week’s top Apple news:

  • New Apple Hardware Event Confirmed: Earlier this week, Apple sent out invitations to its next hardware event live stream. The event will take place on November 10 at 1:00 p.m. ET. We expect the company to launch MacBooks with Apple-made silicon based on the ARM architecture. Rumor has it that two MacBook Pros and one MacBook Air could be involved. However, these rumors are not confirmed.
  • Other new hardware can only be guessed at: Basically, we are guaranteed to see at least one new MacBook next week. However, we’re not sure if Apple will bring anything else to market. There were rumors that AirPods Studio might finally debut, as did the long-awaited AirTags. However, previous rumors don’t give much weight either. It could be that this event is all about MacBooks and that’s it.
  • Android Authority iPhone 12 Pro review is live: If you missed it earlier today, we’ve released our full review of the iPhone 12 Pro. Spoiler Alert: It’s a great phone if you can overcome iOS’s inherent shortcomings and weaker battery life.
  • Pre-orders for iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini are now possible: If you’re interested in getting the larger of the Pro models or the smaller of the standard models, you can pre-order both now.
  • The iPhone 12 Mini doesn’t see fast MagSafe speeds: Apple confirmed (via a support document) that the iPhone 12 Mini has a charging speed of 12W when connected to a MagSafe charger. This is a slight decrease from supporting other 15W iPhone 12 models.
  • Christopher Walken confirmed for a new series: According to DeadlineLegendary actor Christopher Walken will appear in Severance, a new science fiction thriller series. The show is exclusively shown by Ben Stiller and directed by Patricia Arquette, Adam Scott and John Turturro.

Are you thinking of making the switch?

Google Pixel 4a against iPhone SE 2020 supports 1 1

Recognition: David Imel / Android Authority

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