Wyze Lamp Socket Turns Outdoor Lights Smart

Wyze Lamp Socket Turns Outdoor Lights Smart 1

Wyze Week starts today, and with it comes a lot of new product announcements and sales. Two of the most impressive new products are the Wyze Lamp Socket and Wyze Solar Panel.

The Wyze Lamp Socket provides flexible power options for the Wyze Cam v3 by allowing users to power the camera through a light fixture. This eliminates the need for long wires or extension cords when placing the camera in the house.

When combined with the Wyze Cam v3, this socket allows your outdoor lights to become smart lights. As Wyze puts it, the socket provides the camera with power, while the camera gives the lights eyes, ears, and brains. The lights can be transformed into motion-activated lights through the Wyze Cam v3, and you can link up to five sockets for synchronization of outdoor lighting.

Wyze Lamp Socket working with Wyze Cam V3 outdoors.

You can also utilize these sockets for automation, such as turning your lights off at daybreak and on at sunset. All it takes is screwing in the socket like it’s a lightbulb, and you’re good to go. The sockets are available for preorder starting today. The Wyze Lamp Socket Starter Bundle is $46 plus shipping and is estimated to begin shipping in December. If you already have a Wyze Cam v3 and want to expand its functionality, individual sockets are available for purchase for just $10 each and will also ship in December.

The other major announcement is the Wyze Solar Panel, which at just $20 plus shipping is an affordable product that allows you to keep your Wyze Cam Outdoor running without the need to bring it inside for a recharge. The solar panel can mount nearly anywhere, and its 360-degree maneuverability means it can reach the best angle for maximum sun exposure.

A solar panel on the outside of a building.

It includes a 13-foot weatherproof power cable for reaching any accessory you place outside. Its IP65 rating means it is dustproof and weatherproof, and it outputs a maximum of 2.5 watts. It’s worth noting that the Wyze Solar Panel only works with the Wyze Outdoor Cam; it isn’t an accessory for products like the Wyze Base Station.

The Wyze Solar Panel is available for preorder now and is estimated to begin shipping sometime in November.

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