Succession Season 3 Trailer Suggests an All-out Family War

The business world is fraught with cutthroat competition, backstabbing, wealth in excess, and bloated self-interest. But when this all exists within a single family, things can get really ugly. Such is the case with Succession, the Emmy Award-winning HBO series about the wealthy Roy family and patriarch Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) struggle with letting go of the media empire he built and finding a capable successor to take the reins. He has four grown children, each with their own strengths (and breathtaking weaknesses). But in Logan’s eyes, none of them is truly worthy of his company, Waystar Royco.

The second season left jaws on the floor. Just when it seemed like the end of the road for Kendall Roy’s (Jeremy Strong) chance at steering the ship — or any ship, for that matter — he threw his domineering and ruthless dear dad a massive, life-altering curveball. The slight smirk and look of admiration on Logan’s face in the final moments, however, proved just how cunning and calculating the billionaire is: Logan might be looking down the barrel of a world of legal troubles relating to the company’s massive cover-ups and criminal actions. Yet, he finally seems actually proud of his son for having the guts to stand up to him, even if it meant stabbing him in the back — and twisting the knife a few times.

Logan Roy (Brian Cox) from Succession, leaning up against a chair.

“There he is, the little man who started this big war,” Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook) says, as she addressing her brother, Kendall, in a scene from the newly released trailer. As the trailer progresses through its short two minutes, the characters become increasingly unhinged. A war is brewing. And each family member will do whatever is necessary to further their own interests and positions of power, whether that means getting back into daddy’s favor or cutting him off at the knees.

The deliciously scandalous drama adds several notable characters to the new season, including Adrien Brody in a guest-starring role as billionaire activist Josh Aaronson and Alexander Skarsgård as tech founder and CEO Lukas Matsson, both of whom can be seen in the trailer. “I thought my family was f**ked up,” Brody’s character says, “but this is next level.”

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) from Succession in a close up.

With rebellious and often unpredictable son Kendall in the spotlight, there’s no telling what he will do, though stoking the fires is a certainty. “There’s blood in the water,” says Logan, an interesting choice of words that hints at his own family, “and the sharks are coming.”

One thing is for certain: Logan will never go down without a fight. Kendall has a newfound confidence, but he also a propensity to make rash decisions and he’s constantly battling his own personal demons. Shiv is perpetually frustrated with being overlooked and pushed aside, while Roman (the fabulous Kieran Culkin) exhibits a desperate need to prove his worth. The flaky Connor (Alan Ruck), meanwhile, wants in on the spotlight, leveraging the opportunity to get back in his father’s favor. Sides appear to be taken, and lines drawn in the sand. Plus, who knows what tricks seemingly timid cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) and power-hungry Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), Shiv’s husband, might have up their sleeves.

Connor, Roman, and Shiv Roy walking outside from a scene in season 1 of Succession.

Succession season 3 will be an all-out familial war as the Roys battle not only the political, legal, and moral forces pushing against them, but also each other. Amid all the family drama, however, Waystar Royco is already struggling to stay afloat in a quickly changing world. Add mounting legal troubles to the equation and there might not be a family business to save at all.

A war is waging and, if the trailer is any indication, it’s going to be a seriously bumpy ride.

Season 3 of Succession will premiere on October 17 on HBO.

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