Here’s how important free screen repairs are to you

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Some companies, like Samsung and Huawei, offer free screen repairs with select phones purchased. It’s a pretty handy extra, especially for those who regularly (accidentally or otherwise) break their devices. However, given the high price of new flagships, some would likely expect this to be a standard feature on high-end devices.

In a recent survey, we asked you how important free screen repairs are when buying a new device. That’s how you voted.

How important is free screen repairs to you when buying a new phone?


Of the four options on offer, one turned out to be by far the least popular. Just over 10% of readers would turn down buying a phone without the guarantee of a free screen repair. About 19% of readers mention that this is an important factor in their purchase decision, but it is part of several other considerations.

With over 45% of the vote, the most popular option isn’t a must for respondents, but it does sweeten the overall offer.

Ultimately, about one in four readers (25.6%) are not interested in screen repairs at all when they buy a new phone. If you are one of the few who buy a sturdy phone case and screen protector, you probably fall into this group. On the flip side, you might just be incredibly careful, or you might be lucky and never dropped your phone. In any case, the reader comments largely reflect the results of our survey. Read some of them below.

You told us that

  • Joe Black: I haven’t smashed any of my cell phones yet so I really don’t care and I don’t even want to pay extra for this “feature”. I use an enclosure, sometimes with glass, and that’s all I want to do to ensure the survival of my device.
  • Albin: Always put on a case, never a screen cover, and never scratch a screen, just scratch my head about it like many other people do. (Even a ten year old little LG who still acts as a music player and training partner has a perfect screen.) I ordered and returned a budget tablet that came with screen bubbles, one defect, no damage. I would agree with others that these mini insurance features are included in the device rather than “free”.
  • Roopan: It would be really nice to have at least one free screen repair for the flagship phones. At least Samsung and Apple should, their phones are so expensive so why not give us something now that they have removed the chargers, headphones and adapters.
  • QBekka: Free screen repairs are important but unrealistic. If you just enclose a free glass screen protector with your phone, I’ll be delighted.
  • Hirumi: It’s good to have it as an add-on service. But don’t make it a must as the company charges a lot for it. Do it for free service is much better but never hope it will happen.
  • Binoy Mathew: In all honesty, it’s nice to know that if your device ever hits that fateful day, it is a chance you have. And it’s not cheap to replace the screen. But most brands will try to break away from the “free” service.
  • Anirban Roy: It should be free for flagships for the first time. For mid-rangers, even if it’s not free, but at least we can expect a decent and cheap price.

That’s it for this poll. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have any other thoughts on free screen repairs of survey results, please leave a comment below.

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