Google Tivoli is a service that will teach foreign languages

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  • According to reports, Google is working on a service to teach foreign languages.
  • The project is internally called Tivoli and should work via Google search.
  • It is believed that the service could start later this year.

Google has made many strides in terms of AI and natural language processing over the years, with services like the Google Assistant and call monitoring using these smarts. The company has also established Google Translate as one of the premier language translation services.

Now, The information Reports (hours: MySmartPrice) that Google is working on a service that uses conversational AI to teach foreign languages ​​through Google Search. According to the outlet’s sources, the project is internally called Tivoli and will probably start this year.

Tivoli’s development allegedly began two years ago with Meena’s neural conversation model, which evolved into LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications). Google demonstrated LaMDA at its I / O conference last month, with the model being able to respond to more subtle conversational cues without simply spitting out facts.

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Tivoli is believed to work through text initially, but the staff seem to be trying to find ways to get it on the Google Assistant and YouTube. An example of a YouTube use case that the outlet received is Tivoli creating voice quizzes where viewers record themselves after watching a video. The AI ​​then processes the captured video to evaluate the audience’s performance.

The information‘s sources add that an AI-powered service teaching new languages ​​is a “practical, but low-effort” use case where minor bugs are unlikely to have serious consequences.

Would you use such a service for language lessons in the real world, apps like Duolingo and other solutions? Let us know below.

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