Deltarune Chapter 2 Is Releasing Tomorrow For PC And Mac

Deltarune Chapter 2 Is Releasing Tomorrow For PC And Mac 1

After waiting nearly three years for a sequel, Deltarune fans finally got their wish last night. Following a stream celebrating Undertale‘s sixth anniversary, creator Toby Fox dropped a surprise announcement for Deltarune Chapter 2, which revealed that the game would be releasing not a year or month away, but just two days later.

Deltarune Chapter 2 will be officially released at 5 p.m. PT on September 17, and according to a post on the Undertale Twitter account that shows a small snippet of gameplay, it will only be playable on PC and Mac. That’s a stark contrast to Deltarune Chapter 1, which is available on the Switch and PlayStation4, as well as PC and Mac. It’s not known when or if Deltarune Chapter 2 will come to those platforms.

DELTARUNE Chapter 2 will release at 8PM ET on 9/17.
Thanks for waiting.

— tobyfox (@tobyfox) September 16, 2021

Similarly, there’s the question of if people who played Deltarune Chapter 1 on the PS4 or Switch will be able to transfer their saves anytime soon. The game’s website includes an FAQ that explains that players who completed the first game on PC will be able to move their finished save over easily. However, it goes on to say that, “as long as you generally remember what happened story-wise [in Chapter 1], you’ll be fine.”

Yesterday’s announcement is fitting for Fox, who also revealed Deltarune Chapter 1 out of the blue during a 2019 Nintendo Indie Showcase. It’s important to remember that while Deltarune Chapter 1 was free for anyone to play, the game’s announcement trailer said that other chapters wouldn’t be. A price for Deltarune Chapter 2 hasn’t been revealed just yet.

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