Android 11 adoption rate is faster than any older Android version: Report

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  • According to reports, Android 11 has the fastest growing adoption rate.
  • According to StatCounter, over 20% of phones in the US are currently using the latest software.
  • In comparison, the adoption rate of Android 10 after 10 months of publication was 8.2%.

Google’s faster rollout initiatives for Android seem to be paying off. According to StatCounter (via the standard), Android 11 has the fastest adoption rate compared to all previous Android versions.

Over 20% of phones in the US are currently using the latest version of Android, according to the website. The software has almost surpassed Android 9 in terms of market share and is already eager to take over Android 10’s sales numbers.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Android version market share

StatCounter also displays data from other countries including the UK and Canada. Android 11 appears to be growing in both markets.

If you look at the global data, Android 10 still leads the way with a market share of over 41% compared to any other version of the software. The division into regions shows that the previous Android version is also at the top in Europe and Asia, where Android 11 has not yet captured a significant share.

Even so, Android 11’s impressive performance in the US and other regions shows that it is getting much better with the proliferation of Android. Google has invested in various initiatives like Project Treble and a partnership with Qualcomm to make updating Android easier and faster.

We previously compared how Android operating system versions performed after 10 months on the market. In this scheme, Android 11 seems to be doing a pretty good job just six months after it was launched.

Obviously, these numbers from StatCounter are not official. Google’s Android sales numbers are now hidden in Android Studio so not everyone can see them. However, the company released Android 10 stats last year, so we expect to learn more about Android 11’s official performance metrics in the coming months.

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