YouTube stars Rhett and Link open up about Good Mythical Morning and TikTok

YouTube stars Rhett and Link open up about Good Mythical Morning and TikTok
Rhett and Link

YouTube comedians Rhett and Link are the newest guests on I’m So Obsessed’s podcast.

Rhett and Link

Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III, better known as the comedy duo Rhett and Link, had previously made viral videos. They are currently hosting the hugely popular YouTube show Good Mythical Morning with 6.1 billion views and 16.4 million subscribers. In the latest episode of the podcast “I’m so obsessed” on CNET, the duo tells of their 35-year friendship and their continued success on YouTube.

“There are many times that we look at each other and make each other laugh, as we did when we taped and did sham interviews in elementary and middle school,” said Link. “We still do this as boys in our 40s. It’s crazy and I’m so thankful that it resonates with people.”

Good Mythical Morning is a daily, bite-size variety show in which the two do a number of entertaining things. It is often about getting strange foods in recurring segments like “Will It Taco?” in which the two eat tacos made with unusual ingredients such as peanut butter and jelly or pine needles.

In a comprehensive interview recorded in April, we talk to Rhett and Link about Good Mythical Morning as it was adjusted during the coronavirus pandemic, her podcast Ear Biscuits and what it’s like to dip your toes in TikTok.

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