Your Android Phone Can Be Part Of A Worldwide Earthquake Alert System

Your Android Phone Can Be Part Of A Worldwide Earthquake Alert System

There is no doubt that an early earthquake alert can help save many lives. That is why Google creates a global earthquake warning system that will be powered by Android phones.

Google is now deploying the first part of this system. If you choose to sign up, Google will use your Android smartphone’s accelerometer as a data point in an algorithm designed to detect earthquakes. This will eventually help send automatic alerts to people who may be affected by upcoming earthquakes.

The data collected from the accelerometer in a single smartphone doesn’t say much. But if you observe patterns of activity on thousands of devices in a given area, it can be used to monitor seismic movements in real time.

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It goes without saying that we cannot expect data aggregation to be as accurate as a network of seismometers. But given that there are over 2.5 billion Android smartphones (according to Google I / O 2019) around the world, it could generate huge amounts of payload.

In the event of a significant seismic event, Google may flash alerts on smartphones seconds before the start of the quake, so people can better prepare.

The system will first be tested against the existing seismometer network in California. After appropriate adjustments and improvements, the Android Seismic Warning System will be rolled out to other states and countries in the coming year.

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