You tell us: Is the iPhone 13 series hot or not?

iPhone 13 Pro colors

Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Today Apple finally gave its name to the latest smartphone series: the iPhone 13 family. As last year, there are four models: the Vanilla version, the Mini, the Pro and the Pro Max.

None of them are offered too many upgrades as they are the same sizes as last year. However, Apple has managed to fit in some better lenses for the Pro models, as well as bigger batteries across the board. We also managed to make the notch a little smaller – finally.

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Interestingly, Apple is also bringing ProMotion to the iPhone 13 series – its proprietary branding for high refresh rate displays. The two Pro models have this feature, but the other two get stuck at 60 Hz.

When you consider that these phones are a little better than last year’s, at the same prices, you can’t help but believe that Apple has a good deal on offer in 2021. However, the fact that there aren’t too many upgrades is also a bit of a disappointment. because we had hoped to see displays that were always on, better camera hardware and fingerprint sensors in the display. Oh well.

What do you think? Take the survey above and let us know if you think the prices will stay the same with a few more features, which means the iPhone 13 series is hot. Conversely, if you think that Apple has saved too much on upgrades, click the “Don’t” option.

Stop your reasoning in the comments, no matter which one you choose!

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