You can now play Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad


A screenshot of the Xbox dashboard from my iPhone.

Daniel Van Boom / CNET

With the Xbox Series X around the corner, Microsoft has updated its iOS Xbox app. With the update, there’s a big new feature in Remote Play that lets you stream games from your Xbox One to your iPhone or iPad. Good timing too Four new iPhones are about to go on sale.

First, to allay your excitement, this isn’t Project xCloud. This service lets you play games on Android phones from the cloud, while this remote play feature transfers games from your Xbox One to your phone instead. Basically, you still need to be in your house to use remote play.

To use Remote Play, you need a solid internet connection and a Bluetooth controller for your iPhone / iPad. Microsoft won’t let you use Sony Remote Play to stream their games on iOS first Moved to iPhones and iPads last year.

Still, it’s a remarkable step towards Microsoft’s cloud-based future for the Xbox platform. While Sony is focused on stacking exclusive products for the PlayStation, like the upcoming Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Microsoft is focused on Game Pass and Project xCloud. The former is a Netflix-like service that lets you Play hundreds of games for $ 10 a month, while the latter This option allows you to stream Xbox and PC games from the cloud on your Android devices.


The new app lets you download games from your iPhone or iPad to your console so you can play them at home.

Screencap by Daniel Van Boom / CNET

Remote play for iOS is also important because Apple, which is notoriously protecting its platform, has done so in the past Microsoft was unable to extend xCloud to iOS and iPadOS. Microsoft reportedly hopes to bring xCloud to iOS and iPadOS via a web-based app, rather than the tightly controlled App Store, but Apple Kick Epic Games from its platform shows how friendly companies are when they try to circumvent their rules.

The new iOS Xbox app lets you manage your console from your phone just like its Android counterpart. You can delete games to free up space, and most importantly, download games to the console so they’re ready to play when you’re home. You can also share videos and screenshots from the app on your social media if you are interested in such things.

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