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After a series of developer previews, Google published today the first beta of Android 11 This means that these preliminary versions are also available for wireless updates. This time, the list of supported devices only includes pixels 2, 3, 3a, and 4.

If you’re brave enough to try this early version (and I wouldn’t do this with your daily driver until a few more people have tested it), you can do so now Sign up here. As always, Google also provides operating system images for download and Updated emulator is also available.

According to Google, the beta focuses on three main topics: people, controls and data protection.

You can now install the first beta of Android 11 – ProWellTech 1As in previous updates, Google has again worked to improve notifications – in this case conversation notifications, which now appear in a special area at the top of the pull-down shadow. From there you can take action directly in the notification or ask the operating system to remind you of this conversation later. Also new is the integrated support in the notification system for the essentials Chat bubblesWhich messaging apps can you now be notified of, even if you work (or play) in another app.

Another new feature is consolidated keyboard suggestions. With these, Autofill apps and input method editors (e.g. password managers and keyboards from third-party providers) can now offer context-specific entries in the suggestion strip. For example, turning on auto-fill for a password manager has often involved multiple settings, and the whole experience often felt like a hack.

For users who rely on voice to control their phones, Android Now uses a new device system to understand what is displayed on the screen and then automatically generates labels and access points for voice commands.

For the controls, you can now long press the on / off switch on Google to call them up Controls for your smart home devices (Companies that want to appear in this new menu will need to use Google’s new API to do this.) Google’s upcoming beta will also activate Media control This makes it easier to switch the output device to audio and video content.

In terms of privacy, Google adds unique permissions so that an app can only access your microphone, camera, or location once Auto resets for permissions if you haven’t used an app for a while.

A few months ago, Google said that developers would need a user’s approval to access the background location. This has caused a stir among developers, and now Google will keep its current guidelines until 2021 to give developers more time to update their apps.

In addition to these user-related features, Google is launching a number of updates for Android developers. You can read more about it here.

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