You can download the OnePlus 9 wallpapers here

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The OnePlus 9 series will be officially launched on March 23. Until then, however, you can at least get an idea of ​​how the phones feel by downloading the OnePlus 9 wallpapers! A big thank you to the Oxygen Updater Team (via XDA developer) for this.

Below you can see what these walls look like. As usual with OnePlus, they are quite minimal and colorful. There doesn’t seem to be too much variety in terms of color palette, but if you like oranges, blues, and greens you’ll feel right at home.

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There are also some live wallpapers. They look very similar to what you see below, but they are animated.

Note that the OnePlus 9 wallpapers shown here are compressed. Therefore, you should not download them from this page. Instead, you should scroll down to the bottom of this article and download the zip file with everything in an uncompressed format.

OnePlus 9 wallpapers

To install these walls on your phone, click the button below. This will download a zip file that you can then unzip. With the pictures on your phone, you can easily set them as wallpaper.

You can do the same for the OnePlus 9 live wallpapers. However, some people may have issues with live walls and may need to use this handy app.

In the meantime, you can look forward to the OnePlus 9 launch on March 23rd!

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