You aren’t super-keen on the Lenovo Legion Play handheld

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We have seen many Android gaming smartphones in recent years that often offer a lot of power, a high refresh rate, and additional inputs like shoulder triggers. But dedicated Android-based handhelds from large companies were few and far between.

It looked like Lenovo was preparing to unveil such a device at MWC 2021, as can be found on their own website. It’s unclear whether the company plans to launch the Lenovo Legion Play device yet, but it offered a full suite of game controls (including two analog sticks), a 7,000 mAh battery, and more. So we asked if you would buy this device and here is what you said.

Would you buy the Lenovo Legion Play?


A little over 1,700 votes were counted when we posted the poll on our news story on Monday, and it looks like a slim majority of those polled said it depends on the price. We can understand why people are voting this way as you may not want to pay the highest price for such a niche device. But a bargain price might make it easier to swallow the pill in case it starts gathering dust after a few months.

Those who voted “no” were just behind, making up just over 41% of the readers surveyed. Judging from the comments, a lot of people seem to initially dislike the idea of ​​Android games on a handheld (although emulators are possible too). At least one other user suggested that you could get the same experience out of a smartphone and a Razer Kishi controller.

Finally, just over 15% of respondents said they would like to buy the Lenovo Legion Play. Presumably, these people are drawn to the idea of ​​built-in, console-quality controls on an Android device.


  • Anfronie: This is not a deck competitor. It is a competitor for gaming smartphones.
  • Paul: Android and games? That’s a good thing lol, the amount of ads and IAP that you have to get through to play a game because they are designed to solicit money from players that are just not worth playing any of them , in fact, emulated games are far better on Android. This is not a threat to the Steam Deck as it will at least get you fully into PC gaming.
  • veesonic: If this is a phone, that’s great news! If this is a tablet / wifi device then I will pass. Can’t keep up with the Switch.
  • TheLastBattalion: To me it looks like a PS Vita. I wouldn’t buy something like that on my own. I rarely play Android games (with the exception of Fate Grand Order) so I wouldn’t care. I’m thinking a lot about the Steam Deck, but that can play PC games on the go, a different market than what it’s intended for.
  • John Samuel αΩ: That’s cool, but it has to cost about $ 150 to move any units. If it’s even close to the SD price, there’s no competition.

Thank you for taking this survey and leaving comments. What would it take to buy an Android-based handheld? Let us know below.

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