Yep, ‘Hamilton’ is still very good – ProWellTech

Yep, ‘Hamilton’ is still very good – ProWellTech

With the release of “Hamilton” on Disney +, Jordan and Darrell have finally been able to see the musical biography of the founding father Alexander Hamilton – albeit in recorded form rather than live on stage.

And as we discuss the latest episode of the podcast about the original content, they were quite delighted with what they found. Not at that point a Broadway hit that has won almost every award really needs defenders at this point – but the Disney + version is filmed beautifully, and it’s good to see that five years later, “Hamilton” still works for new viewers .

Anthony, meanwhile, saw the show in 2015 and listened to the soundtrack many, many times. But after years of reading about “Hamilton” rather than experiencing it directly, Disney + has given him the chance to rediscover how virtuous and fun the show is from start to finish, with one memorable song after another.

We had reservations about composer Lin-Manuel Miranda’s decision to choose himself as Hamilton, and about show business policy – we certainly appreciated his attempt to claim the founding history of the United States as a story for immigrants and black people, but as others pointed out, minimizing slavery and celebrating the creation of American financial institutions uncritically seems a little strange, at least in 2020.

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If you want to jump ahead, here’s how the episode breaks down:
0:00 Introduction
0:21 “Hamilton” review
30:52 Discussion about the “Hamilton” spoiler

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