Xiaomi releases MIUI 12 global update with more privacy controls, revamped user interface – ProWellTech

Xiaomi releases MIUI 12 global update with more privacy controls, revamped user interface – ProWellTech

Xiaomi Tuesday presented the global version of MIUI 12, the latest update of its Android operating system based on hundreds of millions of smartphones while the Chinese electronics giant pushes to expand its services ecosystem.

The fourth largest smartphone company in the world said to offer a range of new features to its foreign users with MIUI 12 including a renewed user interface, the possibility of transmitting the phone screen without the need to connect it to a computer, improved multitasking and battery life support and more privacy controls for users.

The main among the new changes is the appearance of the software. A company executive said that the animation appears slightly differently after installing MIUI 12, extending more naturally on the screen, especially on smartphones with rounded corners, while a user touches an app.

Xiaomi has been able to offer this graphical improvement thanks to what it calls “kernel-level innovation” which includes a new rendering engine, he said.

“With our rendering, we have enabled the blending of colors and Gaussian blur. You can see varying degrees of blurring happening in real time as light penetrates different materials, “said Louisa Jia, Global MIUI’s marketing and operations manager, at an event today.

MIUI 12, which is based on Android 9 and Android 10 (depending on the device on which it will be implemented), also changes the way storage space, memory and the use of energy consumption are displayed on the phone, making it more Simple for users to quickly understand the status of their device at a glance.

As part of the new coat of paint, Xiaomi is also implementing dark mode on all third-party apps, including those that have not yet introduced support for this feature.

Multitasking support is also improving, making any additional app appear on a mobile screen that users can move to any part of the screen and engage quickly without having to switch between the game or another app they were focusing on. The company said it is also introducing the “ultra battery saver” feature that comes into operation when the phone’s charge level reaches 5%. The new functionality interrupts any non-essential service to guarantee an additional autonomy of five hours.

private life

Another interesting feature that the company is introducing gives users greater control over privacy. MIUI 12 will allow users to easily monitor and limit apps from the use of camera, microphone, location, contacts, storage, call history and calendar.

Whenever an app uses one of these, a persistent icon appears in the notification bar, which you tap to allow users to see which app is using this data and easily close that access. In addition, as with the latest versions of Android and iOS, MIUI 12 offers users the ability to determine how often an app can access sensitive personal information.

Xiaomi said with MIUI 12, it is also providing users with the ability to delete sensitive information such as location data from a photo before sharing it with their friends. By default, the new operating system will delete this data from the photos, a feature that privacy advocates have long wanted and the corporate communication app Slack recently introduced its service.

MIUI 12 will be launched to select smartphones – Mi 9, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro – at the end of June and dozens of smartphone models including Poco F1 and Redmi 6 launched in 2018, “Shortly after, “said Jia. The company said it will make a beta version of MIUI 12 available to users next week for those who don’t want to wait too long.

Over 300 million smartphones were running MIUI software late last year, Xiaomi revealed in its latest earnings call in late March. The company previously said it is targeting MIUI to expand its service ecosystem as it seeks to reduce its financial dependence on gadget sales.

In 2018, Xiaomi started displaying advertisements in the lock screen and in the settings app for users in India and select other markets.

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