The Xbox Design Lab is back, offering tons of different customizable options to make players’ Xbox controller truly feel like their own. While the program has been around for Xbox One controllers, it now is compatible with the updated Series X/S wireless controller.

The Xbox Design Lab was introduced in 2017 and allowed players to create their own personal Xbox One controller. To the dismay of fans looking for a new controller, the site took a pause on October 14, 2020, in order to introduce undisclosed changes.

The updated site introduces tons of amazing customizable options for the next-gen Series X|S controllers,including options for the back, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, thumb sticks, ABXY face buttons, and the group of view, menu, and share buttons.

Not only are there tons of color combinations possible through this updated program, but you can also add your own personalized engraved text to the bottom center of the controller for an additional $10.

The standard customized controller goes for $70, with that $10 being added on if you want the engraved text, bringing the total to $80 plus tax for your custom Series X/S pad.

Beware of certain customized colors, as the site warns that lighter thumbstick colors may require more frequent cleaning and colors in the final product may vary from colors displayed on your device’s screen.

Players can put together and order their own personal controller for the next-gen Xbox at the official Xbox Design Lab site. The site claims that Xbox players can get their controller as soon as July 22.

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