Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Doubles the Features

If you are looking for a video doorbell that is all about the features, Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is a great choice.

The product has an HD 1080p wide-angle camera with night vision and two-way audio capability. The device also comes with motion sensing and full Wi-Fi coverage in order to help keep your home secure.

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro also has a lot of the features that you would expect from a top of the line product, such as two-factor authentication, time-lapse recording, and more.

The only downside to this product is that it is a bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market. But, for the features that you get, the price is definitely worth it.


Attention: Are you looking for a new video doorbell?

Interest: The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is the newest and most advanced video doorbell on the market. It not only has all of the features of the original Wyze Video Doorbell but also doubles as a security camera, giving you twice the protection for your home.

The Pro has a motion detection system that sends you an alert when there is activity near your door, so you can always be aware of who is coming and going. It also has a two-way audio system so that you can talk to visitors even if you’re not home. And best of all, the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is only $10 more than the original Wyze Video Doorbell.

If you’re looking for a new video doorbell, the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is the best option on the market. It’s packed with features and is very affordable. So don’t wait any longer, order your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro today!


Problem: You’re always worried about who is at the door, especially if you’re not home.

Agitate: What if it’s a robber? Or worse, what if it’s someone who shouldn’t be there?

Solution: The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is the solution to your security concerns. This smart doorbell uses Wyze Cam technology to give you peace of mind when someone is at your door. With its HD video, two-way audio, and motion detection, you’ll always know who is there.

Plus, the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is easy to install and comes with everything you need. So don’t wait any longer, order your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro today!

With the holiday season just around the corner, you want to be more vigilant about porch pirates than ever. Wyze’s new Video Doorbell Pro can help with that. This smart doorbell improves on the previous Wyze Video Doorbell with twice as many features, but also comes with a higher — but still affordable — price tag of $65.

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro can be hardwired or powered through batteries. It will get up to six months of battery life on a single charge, making it perfect for users that can’t hardwire a video doorbell due to hardware constraints.

It provides a 150-degree by 150-degree field of view so that you can see everything around it, including packages directly beneath it. Video streams and records at 1440p and saves to the cloud for free, 14-day rolling storage. The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro includes two-way audio so that you can ward off potential ne’er-do-wells or simply tell the delivery driver where to put the package on your porch. You can link up the Doorbell Pro with the Wyze Lock and other accessories to give you complete control of your home while you’re away.

Standard benefits:

– Get notifications on your phone when someone rings the doorbell.

– See and speak to whoever is at your door, no matter where you are.

– Watch live video of who is at your door, even if they don’t ring the bell.

Emotional benefits:

– Feel safer knowing you can see and speak to whoever is at your door, no matter where you are.

– Get a peace of mind from being able to see who is at your door, even if they don’t ring the bell.

– Know that you’re always home even when you’re not.

Physical benefits:

– Save time by not having to open the door for someone you don’t know.

– Keep your home more secure by deterring burglars and intruders.

– Get rid of the hassle of dealing with keys and locks.

Wyze Doorbell Pro

Description of the product

Those windows are a wonderful sight. In cardboard boxes, opportunity knocks up and thrills come to life here. Guests will have an enjoyable time and meet some interesting people. And they protect us against unwelcoming things. We have created the device that lets you be in front the entrance any time you need. That was the reason we combined the latest cameras with advanced features. We’ve tried the product under extreme conditions and always performed the right thing. We designed this magical door bell. Luminescent LED light reflects light up to 28 feet.

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

Thanks to its IP65 weather resistance, the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro can stand up to nearly anything nature throws its way. Rain, snow, or shine, it will keep on recording without a problem. If you pair the Video Doorbell Pro with the Cam Plus subscription service, you can also get package detection. Your alerts will become smarter and tell you when a package has been dropped off.

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro includes the Wyze Chime. You can choose between 20 different tunes with eight different sound levels, including the bark of a dog. The chime helps you know when someone is at the door, but it can also be a way to scare off unwanted visitors that ring your doorbell.

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is easy to install and works on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections. It’s available for pre-order starting today for $65. Though this new version is a bit more expensive than the original price of $30, the feature improvements (and low price compared to the rest of the market) make it a worthwhile consideration.

Up and running

Wyze’s website boasts a 30-second mounting time for video doorbell Pro and uses 3M strips for installation. There will be the normal battery charger updates, firmware upgrades and apps needed for a true start but Wyze really simplified the installation process impressively. When buzzers start working they are simple to install. When a user hits a button you can hear chiming from the included plugs and the phone. Likewise the alarm system can automatically alert you when someone enters the house doorbell but does not call – such as if you have to leave a box.

Where Wyze wins

Wyze is really impressive because despite its low costs there are plenty more premium features such as a 1:1 aspect ratio as well as a 180-degree horizontal vertical view. That makes it easy to see the packaging behind the buzzer, as well as capturing the eyes of the people on the camera in a clear manner. Compared with other pixels of this resolution of 1.442 1.441 pixel, they were still able to accomplish the job. Its dynamic range enables sections of shading close to direct light not to be lost. Wyza is larger than other wireless video doorbell devices including the Blink video doorbell.


The doorbell is installed within 30 seconds with the included 3M adhesive system in the box. Installing doorbells with the included screws should be easy. The installation will not be required even though your doorbell has an included hardwired option. The closest place to your house will be a great option because you’re not required to wire it when you’re completely wired. Make sure the height that the visitor chooses is comfortable. The FOV consists of 150 degrees horizontal and 150 degrees horizontal. You could see anything right behind the door from head to toe.

Is WYZE doorbell free?

The software captures visitors by capturing 6- to 12-second clips and archiving them for free in the cloud. Installing Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is a simple and effective process.

Does Wyze have a battery powered doorbell camera?

Wyze Doorbell Pro is a doorbell camera that can be powered by a battery.

What doorbell camera is best?

Buy top quality doorbells for homes and businesses today! Nest Doors (batteries) The most reliable video doorbell. … Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) The most affordable and reliable video doorbell. … The aforementioned doorbells. … Calling Video Doorbell. 3. … Nest Hi! … Video Doorbells. 2. The first two letters of the letter are a type of letters ( ” “) that are written by the same person or person who is the author of a letter. Logitech CircleView doorbells. . Ringing Doorbell. Integrated.

Can you put SD card in WYZE doorbell?

Wyze video Doorbell Pro does not have micro SD card slots. It is safe to use because you don’t need any physical data to store the keys in a computer system.

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