Wyze Cam Pan v2 "Patrols" Your Home for Trouble 1

It can be tough to position a security camera in just the right spot, but the Wyze Cam Pan v2 doesn’t have this issue. Thanks to its 360-degree horizontal tilt and its 93-degree vertical tilt, it can keep an eye on the action throughout the entire room. In fact, you can place it near the center of the room and have it constantly on the lookout for trouble.

The Wyze Cam Pan v2 also includes full-color night vision at 1080p resolution. Knowing details like the color of a shirt can make a lot of difference, and the full-color night vision gives this camera a leg up over competitors that lack this feature.

Unlike many other cameras, the Wyze Cam Pan v2 doesn’t broadcast its presence at night. Its infrared lights are invisible, offering a more subtle and discreet way to monitor your home without alerting an intruder to the existence of the camera. It’s also far less likely to attract the attention of your cat or wake up someone sleeping in the room.

The most standout feature of the Wyze Cam Pan v2 is its ability to automatically track the action. If it picks up motion, the camera will automatically turn to face it and track the motion as it moves across its field of view. You can also set up to four custom waypoints that the camera will then use as patrol markers. The camera will constantly pan and tilt between these points to keep an eye on the entire space.

Of course, the Wyze Cam Pan v2 also includes the features you expect from Ring devices: Two-way audio, 24/7 continuous recording, and free 14-day rolling cloud storage. You can purchase a 32GB microSD card to store up to three days of continuous footage on the device itself.

The Wyze Cam Pan v2 also listens for smoke and CO alarms, and when paired with Ring’s Cam Plus service, can provide smart notifications to distinguish between people, packages, and vehicles. The Wyze Cam Pan v2 is available for $40 plus shipping, but if you’re a Cam Plus member, you can purchase the camera for $38 plus shipping.

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