How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles

How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles


It is extremely important to write a good content. But it is equally important to make the people read it. That is where the catchy headlines and blog titles come into the picture. If the headline or title is catchy, the reader will want to read it further. On the other hand, if the title is boring, it may not arouse enough interest in the reader’s mind. Thus, in spite of having good content, the user may not even start reading it.

 Catchy Headlines

Good headlines are titles are not just important to encourage the readers to read. They are also important from the search engine perspective and social media perspective. The better the title, the more it will be relevant to search engine results.


A number of things need to be kept in mind while writing a headline. The length of the headline, number of words, the words to use and avoid, and optimization for search engines are a few things.


Here is a quick look at how you can write some really cool and catchy headlines or titles.


Write a title that works


  • It is best to get started with a working headline or title. But what exactly is a working headline? A working headline is not the topic of your post; it is something more specific.


  • Let’s say you have a topic “search engine optimization.” Now you need to figure out what specifically you are going to write about it. Let’s say you are focussing on backlinks, your working headline will be something like “How to build quality backlinks.” The topic is too broad. On the other hand, the working headline is directed to the specific needs.


Remain accurate


  • Accuracy in the headline is extremely important. You have to set the right expectations from the very beginning. If your title sets high expectations which your post cannot meet, readers will be disappointed.


  • If your title is accurate and meets the expectations of the readers they are more likely to share it. Thus, your post will get more visibility and higher traffic.


  • Let’s say you are writing about mountain biking. Your blog title reads “10 incredible and advanced techniques for amazing mountain biking experience.” After reading this title, the user will expect to read about the ‘advanced’ techniques. However, the blog only talks about the basic tips and tricks. That will be a bad experience for the user.


  • Remember, the title has to be catchy, but not deceiving. It must set the right expectations from the beginning.


Make it desirable


  • Accuracy doesn’t have to curtail your creativity. You can still make the title desirable. There are tons of ways you can make your headline little pop.


  • You will first need to identify your target audience. What type of people are you expecting to read your blog? Depending upon your audience type, you will choose the language and tone of the title.


  • For example, if you are writing about finding divorce lawyers, you cannot have the title as “How about finding some sexy lawyers.” This will be quite close to blasphemy. Here, you will need to understand you need to stay a little formal and serious. On the other hand, if you are writing about a bar or disc, a suitable title could be, “Some super cool and sexy bars downtown.”


Some other quick tips


  • Try alliterations: Alliterations can have a huge impact on the readers. They also look pretty lovely and make the title instantly catchy. For instance, “the most desirable dining in Dakota” is not just catchy but also subtly appealing.


  • Use strong words: Strong words draw the attention of the users instantly. In fact, people are also drawn to the strong negative words. For instance, “Absolutely disgusting habits of some people” can drive the point home.


  • Keep it short: Keep your titles short. They don’t have to be very short but do not make them long winding. Short titles are catchier than the longer ones.


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