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For much of its existence, Salesforce has been a cloud service in its own right with its own cloud resources available to its customers, but with the evolution of the business and cloud computing in general, Salesforce has moved some of its workloads to other clouds such as AWS, Azure, and Google. Now he wants to allow customers to do the same.

To facilitate this, the company today announced Hyperforce at its Dreamforce customer conference, a new architecture designed from the ground up to help customers deliver workloads to their preferred public cloud.

The idea behind Hyperforce is to allow customers to capture all the data in what Salesforce calls Customer 360 – the detailed view of the customer’s business across channels, Salesforce products, and even other systems outside the Salesforce family. and be able to store them in any public cloud you want in any region you operate. For now they are located in India and Germany, but support for 10 more countries is expected to be added over the next year.

Company President and COO Bret Taylor introduced the new approach. “We call this new capability Hyperforce. Simply put, we’ve worked hard to enable us to deliver Salesforce on public cloud infrastructure around the world, ”Taylor said.

Holger Mueller, an analyst at Constellation Research, says the underlying architecture running the Salesforce system is long overdue for a review. At over 20, it’s been around for a long time now, but Mueller says it’s about more than modernizing. “The pandemic requires SaaS providers to shift their offerings from their data centers to [public cloud] data centers, so they can offer both architectural and commercial resilience to their customers, “he said.

Mueller added that bringing Salesforce data to the public cloud, in addition to the obvious data sovereignty issues it solves, offers all the benefits of using public cloud resources.

“Salesforce can now offer its customers both architectural and commercial resilience. Business elasticity is very important to CIOs and CTOs these days because when your business slows down, you pay less and when your business accelerates, you can afford to pay more, “he said. He says Salesforce is bringing a first generation SaaS product. and it is bringing it into the modern era, something that is imperative at this point in the company’s evolution.

But moving forward, Taylor was careful to point out that they rebuilt the system to be completely backwards compatible, so you don’t have to throw away all the applications and investments you’ve made over the years, something most companies don’t. can afford to do. “For you developers out there, this is the most amazing thing. It is 100% backward compatible, your apps will work without modification and you can take advantage of all of this automatically,” he said.

The company will launch Hyperforce over the next year and beyond with opening in more regions.

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