Windows 11 Could Expand the Worst Feature of Windows 10 1

There’s already a ton of pop-ups in Windows 10, and it looks like Windows 11 will have even more, according to insights noticed by PCWorld.

The new pop-ups will come from the improved Tips app, which will help new users learn more about the operating system.

The new Tips app in Windows 11 showing the new pop-up feature.

The Tips app has received a total design overhaul to match the rest of the system, and Microsoft has added over 100 new tips for users, including ones on shortcuts and optimization, as well as Office tips to boost productivity.

In a a recent blog post, Microsoft said: “And it doesn’t quite stop there with the Tips app — you’ll notice tips appear throughout Windows 11 to help you discover new things as you go!” That translates to more pop-ups, basically. These pop-ups are designed to further teach users about Windows 11.

Pop-ups have been a divisive feature since the days of Windows 8. Notifications from apps and web browsers can quickly grow out of control, and that’s not even counting Microsoft’s previous deceptive attempts to convince people to upgrade to Windows 10 or to use Edge as their web browser.

Hopefully, these new pop-ups aren’t too intrusive, or can at least be managed easily.

This news comes as part of an announcement of Windows 11’s Preview Build 22458, which otherwise includes information about performance improvements and new features. It’s important to note that these pop-ups may not be seen in the final version of Windows.

Build 22458 is part of the Windows Insider program, and the OS is still subject to change before it launches.

Windows 11 is set to release on October 5, and it promises to be a significant update. Microsoft has overhauled the interface with an “acrylic material” design language. Some of the largest changes include a visual redesign for the Taskbar and Start Menu. There are also new animations, sounds, and widgets, giving Windows 11 an aesthetic more akin to MacOS.

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