Why MacBook Users Have Few Issues With Low Storage Specs

Low Storage Specs: From students to entrepreneurs, many people are interested in Apple products, and MacBooks are one of them. MacBooks are compact, lightweight, and are highly portable devices. Despite heavy pricing, users prefer buying a Mac and are ready to overlook certain downsides. 

If you think about what the compromise means here, we are talking about the low storage specifications that MacBooks boasts. But why do MacBooks have such a limited storage capacity, and why do users still spend hugely on buying these devices despite knowing it?

People often wonder what can be the reason behind the low storage capacity of Apple laptops. Probably, these devices are not designed to work as a desktop and are kept lighter to ease portability. The major reason for MacBooks being incorporating limited storage is the compact design. They integrate SSD (solid-state drives) that work seemingly faster, no matter what storage they offer. 

Low Storage Specs
Low Storage Specs

MacBooks have SSDs, not HDDs

When it comes to picking up the right storage, what matters most is the performance and reliability. It’s much more than the cost or capacity features, as, in the end, you want to store and retrieve data faster without any lags. If your drive is able to manage the data-related tasks seamlessly, you can rely on it. 

Since MacBooks use solid-state drives to store data, they are efficient as they do not have moving parts similar to that of hard drives. The read and write operations are done quickly as the SSDs have integrated circuits to capture and store data. Since hard drives are bulkier in design whereas MacBooks are thinner devices, they do not make a great combination. 

Due to the sleek and Compact design, SSDs are an appropriate option for Apple laptops. Moreover, due to the presence of integrated circuits instead of moving parts, solid-state drives are a better option than hard disk drives. So, a less spacious SSD works more efficiently than an HDD, which makes the former more reliable. 

Low storage can be a marketing strategy

Offering limited storage in the base model is a long-prevailing marketing hack that helps brands upsell their product. By giving 128 GB storage in its starting model at a relatively affordable price, Apple is attracting new customers. When the customer finds it difficult to buy an Apple laptop, a low storage model at lower pricing seems to be the better option. 

Low Storage Specs
Low Storage Specs

Once the users become acquainted with MacBooks and as their data needs grow, users find it difficult to manage data on the storage media. This can be a great opportunity for Apple to upsell its high-storage variant to the users and compel them to buy it. If you too own a MacBook with 128 GB storage, there are different ways that you may consider upgrading storage.

Disk cleanup in MacBook 

If you own a MacBook or any other digital device, you will notice performance issues after a few months of usage. The reason is that the data keeps growing, which makes it difficult for you to manage storage. That’s why disk cleanup becomes an essential task which you should not neglect at any cost. 

Whether your device is running on macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, or any other operating system, you should always clean the startup disk periodically. The apps you download or the data you store on your computer get accumulated on the startup disk alongside the operating system. 

All this data does not only consume a significant storage space but eats up their share of system resources, making it slower. Apple offers a Diagnostics Check utility that makes it easier to optimize storage for best performance. This helps even the smaller SSDs to run at optimal speed. So, your Mac’s space very much decides the performance of your computer. 

iCloud storage benefits

So, this one is a practical justification of why MacBook users having lower storage specifications are not complaining about it. iCloud is a virtual storage drive that allows Apple users to move their device data to the Cloud without spending anything initially. iCloud gives 5 GB of free space to all its users on signing up, which can be upgraded to a higher storage package.

iCloud storage benefits
iCloud storage benefits

Apart from that, Apple users have other storage options that include Google Drive or Dropbox. These storage mediums allow access to 15 GB and 5 GB free storage, respectively, without spending anything. So, what’s the need to buy a higher storage variant when you have a lot of options available at no additional price. 

Transfer data to external hard drives 

External storage drives are available at a cheaper cost, and you may find quite a lot of options in the market. As per your budget, you can buy a 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive, which is enough to store large volumes of data. You can also move data to a USB drive as they are highly portable and help carry important files along.

After moving data to the external storage drive, you can utilize your disk for saving other data. Rather than spending hugely on a MacBook with higher storage capacity, you can get an external hard drive at a comparatively lower price.

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