Why isn’t its IPO worth more? – ProWellTech

Why isn’t its IPO worth more? – ProWellTech 1

Agora is not that Only a company headquartered outside of the United States plans to go public on the stock exchange this quarter. After catching up with Agora’s F-1 filing, the China and US-based API-based technology company that went public last week, let’s analyze today DoubleDown Interactive IPO document.

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The mobile game company is targeting the NASDAQ and wants to trade under the ticker symbol “DDI”.

Why isn’t its IPO worth more? – ProWellTech 2Like Agora, DoubleDown submitted an F-1instead of an S-1. That’s because it’s based in South Korea, but it’s a little more complicated. DoubleDown was founded in Seattle, according to crunchbasebefore selling to DoubleU Games, which is based in South Korea. Yes, the company is submitting an F-1 and the majority of its holdings are held by its South Korean parent company after the IPO, but this offer is more a local affair than it might seem at first.

Even more with $ 17 to $ 19 per share initial public offering The price range could make the company worth up to almost $ 1 billion on its debut. Does this pricing make sense? We want to find out.

Let’s quickly explore the company this morning. We’ll see what this mobile social gaming company looks like under the hood to understand why it’s being launched on the public market. Let’s go!


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However, DoubleDown is a very profitable company. In 2019, sales rose just a hair from $ 266.9 million in the previous year to $ 273.6 million (just 2.5% more). However, the company’s net income increased from $ 25.1 million to $ 36.3 million and adjusted EBITDA from $ 85.1 million to $ 101.7 million the same period.

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