Why a Unified Communications approach is essential for any small business

In the 2020s, your day-to-day work routine doesn’t have to be tied to a specific location or computing device. You can start working on a desktop PC, leave the office while continuing the above-mentioned work on your smartphone, and later finish that work on the PC.

This helps to explain why the concept of Unified Communications (UC) has caught on in a really big way. Here are several reasons why, if you run a small business, you should seriously consider implementing a UC system for its employees to use.

UC offers a financially streamlined solution

While utilising up-to-date technology can naturally help small businesses to unlock productivity gains, they need to do so in a more cost-effective fashion than their larger, longer-established counterparts.

Fortunately, UC enables workers to access a wide range of communication functions — including messaging, voice calling, and videoconferencing — from a single, all-in-one platform.

Your employees can therefore work together more quickly, which would be no small boon in a fiercely competitive commercial landscape where time is money.

Unified Communications approach

UC can also save your workers time

A cloud-based UC system would be readily accessible to both office-based and remote workers as long as they remain connected to it over the internet.

It goes without saying that, once your small business has set up a UC system for employees to use, they would easily be able to tap into it as and when needed.

For example, when a member of your team is on a business trip, they would not have to wait until they are back at the office before they are able to turn to this UC system again.

UC would enable your small business to free up office space

This is not only because, at any one time, UC’s accessibility would make it easier for you to allow multiple members of your team to be out of the office on business trips.

It is also because, of course, many of your employees might want to work from home — and UC can help you to facilitate this particular work arrangement. With fewer and fewer of your employees needing the company’s physical office, your business would be able to switch to a smaller one.

UC can help your workers to feel better connected with each other

Yes, this is possible even when many members of your team are at a great physical distance from each other. One simple reason for this particular benefit of UC is the video communication technology built into it.

According to one statistic highlighted by UC Today, 89% of employees believe that video assists them in connecting more effectively to their co-workers.

A UC system can serve a small business well for the long term

When you choose a Gamma-provided Unified Communications system, you would be able to enhance it with new tools, platforms and services as they are released.

You would also be able to scale this system up or down as your company’s operational needs grow or shrink. After all, your organisation’s journey could be hard to predict…